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How to Prevent Slips and Falls In Your Retail Space

April 7, 2021

Slip and falls can cost businesses a lot of money. They’re the main reason behind worker’s compensation benefits. To ensure your retail business can avoid lawsuits in the future, here are a few ways you can prevent slips and falls.

Clearly Label Cleaned Areas

The problem with many retail flooring areas is that the floors are shiny. This can make it difficult to see if there’s water on the ground. Signage is essential. Whenever an area is mopped or cleaned, there should be an indicator. That sign should also be legible. If the sign does not clearly warn others about the slippery floor, then it should be replaced. With proper signage, individuals can take the necessary precautions about walking in that space.

Save Cleaning for After-Hours

Whenever possible, you should leave the bulk of your cleaning to after-hours. With fewer people in the store, there’s less likely a chance for them to slip and fall. This also allows you the opportunity to use harsher cleaning materials that might irritate their noses.

Keep Aisles Clear

Another common reason behind falls is cluttered aisles. Whether it’s toys falling off of shelves or other messes left behind, you should always have a crew member available to clean them. During operational hours, the crew member shouldn’t worry about putting the product in its exact location. Emphasis needs to be placed on just clearing the aisle. Those with creamy substances, like the shampoo aisles, especially need to be cleared. All it takes is one person to drop a bottle of shampoo, step on it, then make an extremely slippery area for everyone else in the store.

Make Designated Storage Areas in the Stocking Area

Behind the scenes can benefit from organization as well. Pallets laden with products should be kept in designated areas against the walls. A clear path should be available for forklifts and employees. Pallets that stick out into the path are trip hazards. An employee can seriously injure themselves by tripping over one. By making clear areas with tape on the floor, employees will know where to place pallets full of products.

Lay Down Water-Absorbing Mats

At every entry point, you should have a mat that can absorb water. This limits the amount of water tracked through the store.

Following these tips can keep your retail space safe. Call someone like The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates, LLC if you need legal representation for a slip and fall.

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