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How to Safely Store A Gun In Your Home

September 14, 2021

Being a gun owner comes with many responsibilities, including using and maintaining your handgun. Proper storage is also essential, as it can prevent injuries and accidents, keep the weapon secure, and lower the odds of the firearm becoming damaged and needing repairs or replacement. Below are tips to help you safely store your gun inside the home.

Locked Cabinets and Safes

When keeping your guns inside a box, the item should always be large enough to hold the firearms and close securely. Therefore, purchasing cabinets and safes that come with solid locks are essential. These storage devices can keep your gun out of the hands of children, potential thieves, and other individuals. In addition to purchasing these storage options, it is vital to use the cabinets and safes correctly. Doing so could prevent dangerous errors. For example, the more you learn about the safes, the more comfortable you are when it comes to opening and closing them. You can avoid leaving the cabinets unlocked and lower the odds of failing to open them promptly when it comes to dangerous situations.

Keep the Firearms Unloaded

When placing handguns out of your reach and inside the home, it would be best to keep them unloaded, un-cocked, and securely locked. It would help if you also stored the ammunition away from the firearms but where you can reach quickly and safely when emergencies occur. Keeping the guns unloaded could prevent household members from harming themselves or others if they encounter the handguns. It could also keep intruders from using the guns to attack you and your household.

Ask for Professional Advice

When visiting a gun shop, it is a good idea to ask as many questions about the firearm as possible, including storage tips. These professionals likely know more about guns and can give you suggestions that keep you, your weapon, and your household safe after the purchase. In addition to storage tips, ask for advice regarding ammunition, shooting, and various regulations within your state and town.

Avoid Targeted Areas

Regarding items like handguns, many people assume they are stored under the beds and mattresses or in an office drawer. These areas are highly targeted by other house members as well as unwelcome guests. Therefore, you should avoid using these options when storing your firearms. Keeping the handguns in areas where valuables are not typically targeted could also protect your gun and lower the odds of dangerous or costly accidents and injuries.

Regardless of the size of your home or handgun, there are safety storage tips you can take advantage of, including those mentioned above. With all of the latest technologies and studies, you have a variety of options for storing your firearm compared to gun owners of the past.

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