How To Self-Hypnosis To Achieve Optimum Performance In Sports?

July 9, 2015

Athletes should hypnotize themselves. Subconscious mind is a very important part of us. Athletes who are assisted by their subconscious mind are often able to achieve many good things. Firstly, athletes should visualize a situation when they perform a hard task really well. This should be the time when we operate at optimum level. We should be able to choose a time when we are able to be perfectly in zone. At this phase, we should engage all our senses, hearing, seeing and feeling. We should observe how our body responds to it. Overall, we are making a good progress if our body and mind respond as if they are dealing with a real-life situation.

Once our body reacts, we should observe our internal dialogues, ideas and thoughts. We achieve a good progress if we are feeling confident, concentrated, focused, strong and relaxed. We should come to a conclusion to describe our true feeling and that we are truly in the zone. The next step is to visualize a situation when our arousal and anxiety are too high to allow perform our best. This should be an occasion when we experience a good deal of anxiety that impairs our performance. Again, we should try to notice how our mind and body feel. This could be the time when we feel unfocused, weak, uncertain, distracted, worried and tense.

It’s now the time to practice to reduce the intensity of these unwanted emotions. We should be able to do better, the more we practice this. Overall, we should try to get real physical responses and physiological sensations from these exercises. By using our breath, we should slowly bring the intensity down to zero. Each time we inhale, we should say the word “focus” or “strong” to neutralize remaining negative emotions. When we exhale, we could say things like “smooth” or “relax”. We should aim to get ourselves feeling confident and strong, while letting go of excess anxiety and tension.

It is also important to learn to breathe effectively. We should breathe using our diaphragm and rib cage to allow more air in. When we inhale, we should push our tummy our and when we exhale, we should draw it in. We can breathe more effectively and deeply using the lower torso. Once we are able to learn how to neutralize negative emotions, we are also able to use breathing techniques to reinforce positive emotions. After we have practiced often, we could find that breathing this way becomes more natural and feels like a second nature.

After we are proficient with this technique, if we are feeling over-anxious again, we could take a time to close our eyes and take a deep breath to control unwanted feelings. In this case, athletes are able to achieve optimum performance and we could do this much more naturally. After frequent practices, we will become the master of our emotions. We are able to control how our mind should react to specific situation. Lastly, we should know how to exit hypnosis. We could just open our eyes and be thankful for another successful practice session.

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