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How To Treat Cracked and Dry Skin

August 23, 2016

The problem of cracked and dry skin can be a huge problem, even with the use of a high-quality branded moisturizer in some cases. With increasing temperatures and everyday wear and tear, good skin is difficult to maintain for many. If left untreated, this can become even more severe, developing into a serious skin condition. If you have cracked and dry skin, here are a few steps you can take to heal up fast.



Check for infections. If the cracks are severe, they can become infected when bacteria enters them. Look for swelling, blood, or pain. If any of these are present, you should see a doctor at once. If not, you can take steps to treat the skin yourself. Soak the skin in some disinfectant to sanitize the cracks and prevent infection. Then use a soft, clean washcloth to dry the area and get rid of dead skin cells. Next, use a skin product exclusively for these problems, like Lucas Papaw ointments, for example. Apply the ointment to the cracked areas and keep overnight. These are just the first steps to good skin.


You need to then maintain a good moisturizing regimen. You can’t just expect a single treatment to fix your cracked and dry skin and keep it healthy. You have to continue to regularly treat your skin with the products especially designed for this kind of skin. Apply after your shower, and ideally leave it on overnight.

Additional Efforts

There could be other health conditions causing your dry skin, such as diabetes. This is why you should consider seeing a doctor, at least if the problem persists. Some of your habits may be causing the problem as well. For example, if you wash your hands and feet too often, scrub skin too hard during bathing, or overuse a pumice stone, you will certainly be drying and harming your skin. Do not spend too long in the bathtub either, especially in hot water. Hot water is particularly drying for the skin.

If the cracks are on your feet, it may be caused by your footwear or your weight. Too much weight on your feet can squash the flesh and skin, causing serious damage. Open footwear like sandals can also expose your feet to dryness and damage from the elements.

To avoid worsening the problem or allowing it to return after healing, drink plenty of water and eat healthily. Another cause of cracked and dry skin is not having enough of the right nutrients, especially vitamins A and E, and omega 3 fatty acids that you can get from fish oil and nuts.

You may have especially sensitive skin, so you should avoid hand washing dishes or clothes without gloves, as detergents can seriously damage your skin. Use sunscreen, whatever you skin type, as even in wintertime, sunlight can cause severe drying and damage on a cellular level.

These need to be adhered to at all times in order to maintain good skin. If you find that even with these measures your skin is still dried out and cracked, you should see a doctor.

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