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How To Understand Your Fiancée Better

By alina
August 10, 2016

One thing about arranged matches is that they are like blind dates. Actually, they are like any other dates. You meet a stranger, you talk to them, get to know about them very well and if you find them compatible, you start a relationship with them. So, like any new relationship, in arranged marriages it is necessary to know more about the person. To know about a person you must go out with them and spend time together. Nothing comes out of one or two meetings. It takes more time than that to understand the real character of a person.

Here are some ways to understand your fiancée better –

Take her to a movie: Movies are very good date plans. You get to spend time sitting very close to each other. You also get time to observe them in the dark. Let her choose the movie that you are going. This way you will know her interests and what genres she loves to watch. If she is a fun person she will opt for rom- coms, if she is an adventurous person she will choose thriller movies and if she loves action, then god save you! Just kidding, if she loves action movies then she will be a brave and independent woman.

Dinner dates: Dinner dates are almost mandatory before the wedding. Eating out in a cosy restaurant is very romantic. Here again, let her choose the menu for the dinner. Observe carefully what she orders. A man is what he eats. And so is a woman. Does she order the same old regular stuff that can be cooked at home? Is she curious to try out new cuisines? Does she love exotic dishes? Does she drink? All these things can be understood just in a few dinner dates.

Talk: Talking over the phone is a very romantic time pass in the courtship period. You both can share all your secrets and thoughts without having to worry about looking each other in the eye while saying it. Does she talk too much? Does she not talk at all? Is she a good talker? Is she a pessimist or an optimist? What are her interests? What does she want from the future? All these things can be known only by talking long hours on the phone. Midnight phone calls reveal many secrets than the diaries do.

So, understand your fiancée well before you get married. You might have found her on the bicholia matrimony, but you still have time to discover her.

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