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How To Use Convex Mirrors To Avoid Road Accidents?

By Mary
September 21, 2015

Mirrors are reflective surfaces. They are curved. Some have an outward reflective surface and some have inner reflective surface. Convex mirrors are those mirrors that are bulged outward and hence are reflective outwardly. The reflective surfaces bulge outside to the light source and hence it is known as a convex mirror.

Features of Convex Mirrors

  • Convex mirrors are outwardly reflective and hence these are not used as a source to focus light. These mirrors form a virtual image and since the image is inside the mirror, the convex mirrors cannot be projected on a screen. The image that is formed is smaller than the object but gets bigger as the object is near to the mirror.
  • Reflection of light and image formation in convex images is different from regular ones. A convex mirror is also sometimes known as diverging mirrors as the incident light that starts from the same point reflects off the mirror surface that is outwardly reflective and diverge. The law of reflection is followed completely by the convex mirrors. It is because of all these reasons that the convex mirrors form specific images that are relocated somewhere behind the mirror.
  • Convex mirrors are normally made out of metals or polycarbonates. These mirrors have different degrees of curvature depending on the use that they are put into. Some convex mirrors are specifically designed for the purpose of lifting in warehouse environment and the curvature level here is completely different from that in the regular ones.

Uses of Convex Mirrors in Vehicles:

  • Convex mirrors are used extensively as the side mirrors of cars and other vehicular traffic. Most of the countries label their convex mirrors “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. Its very common to find in other vehicles too. These are used in vehicular traffic because they give a diminished picture of the object. This feature of it helps the driver to get a complete picture of the traffic movement behind them and to their sides because the mirror produces a smaller image of the whole surrounding that enables the driver to judge properly.
  • There are multiple companies which manufacture road safety, vertical and also for the side safety mirrors which are used by drivers when they drive the cars. Since in a convex mirror, light gets reflected in the outward direction, they are widely used as safety mirrors to stop undue road congestion and mishaps.
  • The drivers can easily monitor the activities of the other drivers and if they suspect anything wrong while driving on road, then they can easily detect those nuisances with the help of a convex mirror.
  • As these are widely used as side or wing mirrors, they can actually help a driver to locate and detect which car and trucks move past his car. Any sudden chances of road accidents get diminished with the help of a convex mirror.
  • Corners of roads and highways have convex mirrors to avoid accidents.

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