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How To Use Garlic To Treat Yeast Infection

April 4, 2016

Many women will experience a yeast infection in the course of their lifetime. Scientific facts claim that three out of four women suffer yeast infection in the course of their lives. At its early stages, yeast infection is not easily noticeable. However, as it develops, it starts to portray different symptoms depending on the stage and severity of the condition. These symptoms are for instance;

–    Burning around the vaginal
–    Itching
–    Odorless, whitish, thick vaginal discharge which can also be watery
–    Soreness
–    Rashes
–    Pain during intercourse

Due to these symptoms that create discomfort among women, many women tirelessly search for effective remedies to this condition. The use of garlic to manage candidiasis in women have proven fruitful making it a preference treatment method to many women. You can therefore easily get rid of your yeast infection easily by the use of garlic. This guide aims at giving you essential information about using garlic to deal with a yeast infection.

Essential Steps

Step 1

Ensure that you are actually suffering from yeast infection. This is because some other medical complication such as skin rashes displays similar symptoms to yeast infection and thus may confuse you. People have used garlic to treat other conditions other than the intended yeast infection treatment only to worsen the situation.

Step 2

After diagnosis with a yeast infection, this should trigger you to take treatment measures. Include garlic in your daily diet. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal food that aid deal with yeast infection with ease and in the most effective way.

To use Garlic in your Diet

Peel off the papery garlic skins from a whole clove of garlic. Avoid nicking that garlic during the peeling process. This is because the juice from garlic is likely to sting you

Crush the garlic and add it to your food when almost removing it from the fire. This will ensure that the anti-fungal elements in garlic remain active hence beneficial to you.

You can as well insert the garlic into your vagina to have direct treatment to yeast. Place the garlic clove as far into your vaginal such that it can stay on its own. Ensure that you have a dental floss to pull out the clove once you achieve the intended purpose.

It is clear that garlic is such an important element in the fight against yeast infection. Do not allow yourself to suffer from candidiasis while you have garlic in your house.

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