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How To Use Your Credit Card So That You Do Not Fall In Debt

November 19, 2015

If there is any credit against you then it means you have to pay debts. Nobody likes this situation but there are times, when you make a decision to buy a home or car or desire to send your child for higher education. All these scenarios need funds and you are not in a position to supply funds. Due to lack of resources, you will have to borrow money to fulfill these necessities in life.

At the same time while credit cards have to be used wisely, so that you may not end up having more credit against your name.  Loans provided against credit cards involve huge rate of interest, if it is used excessively after a certain limit. However you must ensure a quick payoff credit card debt so that you may remain debt-free and have good credit scores.

Use your Credit Card in Sensible Manner

There are many credit counseling services available in the country, who advice you on how to use your credit card in a sensible way. It is essential that you must take only that amount on credit, so that you can easily manage repaying it without straining your financial position.

These counseling services have witnessed many people, who were burdened under debt due to excessive use of their credit card, which made them go bankrupt. They have helped such debtors to come out of their arrears.

Few Easy Steps to Avoid Falling in Debt

If you want to avoid falling in debt by using credit cards then you must consistently follow the following few steps. These advices have come from plenty of experience and research in observing the tendency of people, who were in arrears, due to use of credit card.

  1. While managing finances it is necessary to determine an ideal budget. Therefore when you go shopping then do not get tempted to buy expensive items, jewelry, clothes or appliances if your budget does not allow you to buy the same. Stick to your budget all the time.
  2. You must certainly clear all credit card payments within the period of 6 months. If you allow your balance to accumulate beyond 6 months then you will be charged with compound interest. After some months, this accumulated amount becomes impossible to clear your debt.
  3. You must even be aware of how much reward points are available. Remember to spend within limits of your reward points. It is necessary to know about fees and interest rate that you will have to pay in case you exceed the limit.
  4. You must go for those credit cards that charge low interest rates. Better credit will enable you to qualify for lower rates.
  5. Credit card allows you to clear the debt up to a certain period without charging any interest at all. You must always target to clear your maximum balances within that period so that you need not have to pay any high interest.

Crawling out from debt trap is not always easy. Swipe carefully is the mantra.

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