How You Can Give Your AC Unit The Proper Maintenance

November 17, 2021

The longer your AC unit lasts, the longer you can put off replacing it. That might make you inclined not to run it at all, but then what’s the point of having it? The better thing to do is proper maintenance. While professional technicians will be necessary for some tasks, there are many air conditioning services you can do on your own. With that being said, let’s jump into some tips on how you can give your AC unit the proper maintenance it needs.

Give It Some Help

Figure out which rooms get hottest and which rooms see the most use. Consider adding a ceiling fan or a stand fan on the floor. They can make a room feel cooler than it is, so you don’t have to run the AC unit quite so hard.

Change Your Filters

Dirty filters constrict airflow and make your system work needlessly harder. Change them at least every three months. Consider doing so more often if you have allergy-sensitive people or pets in your home.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is often going to result in better energy efficiency than an analog model. The best ones have programmable settings, so you can tell your AC when to run and how hard. That might mean using it a bit less energy either at night or when no one is home.

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

Two things are constant problems for outdoor units. The first is leaves blocking the vent, and the second thing is animals. Leaves are easy enough to blow off, so, do so whenever you see them outside the window. Animals are more complicated. Some might leave unwanted things on or in the unit, and some might even decide to try and call it home. Keep them out of there as much as is possible to avoid complications.

Plant Shade

If the outdoor unit is in direct sunlight, it’s going to heat up more than is necessary. Physically relocating your unit to the shady side of your home might not be feasible, but you might be able to plant certain shrubs or trees that grow up and block the rays of the sun. That equipment will then work less hard and last longer.

Don’t Forget the Pros

In conclusion, you won’t need the pros as often or spend as much on them if you do all the things listed above. Still, there are parts of your AC unit you probably can’t get to or know what to do with. An annual inspection of even a functional unit is a good idea, although getting service before and after every summer is even better.

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