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How Your Company Can Track and Receive More Engagement

September 1, 2021

Successfully marketing your business on social media requires more than a social media account. It also needs a form of measurement. Without some form of measurement, you have no way of knowing if the time or money you are investing into social media advertising is paying off. One of the most common ways of measuring social media success is engagement. Engagement is any type of interaction that visitors have with your social media content.

To measure engagement effectively, it is important to track the engagement you’re receiving so you can learn how to improve it. Continue reading to learn new ways you can start doing this immediately.

Use a Social Media Tracker

The quickest way to track social media engagement is to use a social media tracker. A social media tracker is an analytical tool that monitors, measures, and reports visitor engagement with your social media accounts. All you have to do is customize the tracker to monitor the metrics you want, and then the tracker will do the rest. Just be sure to give the tracker enough time to work its magic, or it won’t be able to establish actionable engagement trends for you to review. This is especially important if you’re tracking a social media marketing campaign for the new app that you just built with Zudy.

Social media trackers are often built into “business accounts” on social media sites. However, some of these built-in trackers may not offer everything you need. If that’s the case, then you can research third-party social media trackers that may better suit your needs.

Offer Visitors Educational Content

Educational content is a simple, effective way to increase visitor engagement.

Not only does this type of content provide your visitors with a solution to their problems, but it is also one of the most shareable types of social media content. Visitors who found a solution through your educational content are more likely to share it with others, which increases brand awareness at minimal cost to you.

Use Video and Images to Your Advantage

In 2016, Facebook reported that people “spent 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile compared to 2.5 seconds on desktop” in News Feed. This means that images and videos, which require less time for visitors to process, have an edge over text posts on most social media sites.

Put the Social Back in Social Media

Showing your visitors that your social media accounts are more than just an advertising vehicle goes a long way to gaining their trust. It teaches them that your business is made up of human beings just like them, which can in turn help them feel more confident that your products and services will help them solve their problems.

Now that you know how you can use social media trackers to discover the weaknesses in your social media campaigns, you can easily turn them into strengths using the tips provided above.

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