ICICI Lombard – Common Factors, Premium Determinants and Types Of Health Insurance Plans

June 14, 2016

Looking at the current scenario of the Indian healthcare industry, buying the Best Health Insurance in India has become both important as well as challenging. Important, because in order to receive the best quality of treatments you have to shell out a fortune, literally! And challenging because – there are plenty of Health Insurance Plans available in the market.

Let’s Face the Reality

Shelling out a fortune only on healthcare is a next to impossible thing for the people with mid-range income. Only a mediclaim policy can protect him or her from this financial burden. Now comes, the challenging aspect of health insurance plans. If you search the market, regular or online, you would find a number of medical insurance policies from different insurance providers, like icici lombard. This ample availability can put you in a fix – which one should you go for. Therefore, mediclaim policy providers like, icici lombard, emphasize on Health Insurance Comparison before purchase.

The Common Factors with Health Insurance Plans

With every medical insurance policy, there comes, some common factors. If you Compare health insurance India on the basis of those factors, you would be able to find the Best Health Insurance in India. Let’s take a quick look at those factors:

  • Extent of coverage
  • Pre and post hospitalization cover
  • Co-payment option
  • Pre-existing disease coverage
  • Renewability options and parameters
  • Ratio of incurred claims
  • Network hospitals

You can check out all the above mention pointers with the leading insurance providers, like icici lombard and others, Compare health insurance india with one another and find the one which is the most suitable one for you and your family. This is how Health Insurance Comparison can help you a lot.

Let’s Talk About the Determinants of Premium

When you search for Health Insurance Plans available with icici lombard general insurance or some other insurer, there are some common aspects on the basis of which your premium is based. Take a look –

  • The current age of yours – with companies like, icici lombard, younger buyers get the advantage of lower premium payouts.
  • The number of family members included – with Health Insurance Plans from customer oriented companies, for example icici lombard general insurance, the amount of premiums is calculated depending on the number of insured family members.
  • The room preference you make – the choice of room (during hospitalization) matters a lot, with almost every insurance provider, whether it’s icici lombard or some other. With super specialty healthcare facilities, different types of rooms are available, like, private rooms, shared rooms, etc. So, your preference decides on your premiums with most of the Health Insurance Plans. An important note for keeping you informed – the more expensive the rooms, the higher the treatment charges.
  • The pre-existence of a health condition – with most of the companies, like icici lombard, a state of any pre-existing illness is also a premium determinant.

The Types of Health Insurance Plans Available in the Country

With most of the general insurance providers, like that of icici lombard, the following Health Insurance Plans are available –

  • Medical policies for individuals
  • Medical policies for family
  • Health Insurance Plans for senior citizens
  • Health Insurance Plans for critical illness
  • Medical insurance covering maternity
  • Employee or group Health Insurance Plans
  • Personal accident cover
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