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Ideal Ways To Deal With Disgruntled Customers

June 29, 2016

A complaint against your business can directly impact on its reputation and business prospects. Today it’s easier for customers to publically share their disappointments or bad experiences wherever they want, be it a social media channel, a consumer complaint website or other technology and internet led platforms. In today’s connected world, incident of customer dissatisfaction can be detrimental to the business interests of a firm.

Customer service has always played a crucial role in cultivating brand loyalty, and augmenting business bottom growth. In order to make sure that your customers are happy with your products and services it is essential to provide them with good quality customer support services.

In this blog post, we will explain how effective grievance redressal strategies can make or break a business. Read on

Don’t take customer complaints as personal: When customer care executives feel that the customer’s anger or frustration is directed towards the company, not on them, they will be able to deal with the problem efficiently. It is quite obvious that a customer’s high pitched voice on the phone is due to unsatisfactory product/service of that has been delivered to him/her. In this case, it is better to deal with the emotions of the customer rather than taking it personally. Customer support executives should remain calm because this will help them in cooling down the temper of an irate customer.

Focus on customers rather than the complaint: Being customer-centric is the key way to understand or ‘walk in to the shoes’ of the customer. It will allow call centre agents to listen customers’ complaints more ardently – which is what in most cases the customer wants. In addition to it, it will allow them to remain calm and polite while a customer bursts out into anger.

Be confident while handling frustrated customers: Most often customer care agents get nervous and irritated against customers. Feeling confident is the key to handle unhappy customers. Irate customers will usually calm down when listening that the agent is doing their best to troubleshoot the customer’s problem. If customer care representatives listen to a customer complaint carefully, whether it is valid or not, the customer will at least calm down as they feel they are being heard. In some situations, it is enough to completely blow down the high temper of customer.

Hire senior experienced call center staff: Obviously, a point comes where call centre executives would not be able to tackle the situation and require senior person help. For complicated problems, it is fine to take help from the head of the department. However, empowering employees to deal with common complaints and queries on their own will be the best way to enhance customer experience.

Verify before taking any action: For call center executives it is important to ask their customers what they are looking for. After verification, they can take further action. In fact, customers will rarely ask for more when a ready solution to their problems is presented to them. But, asking them first is the best way of hearing customers properly and considering their queries. Once they have made suggestions, then verify whether or not you will be able to deliver that solution. Provide quick and speedy resolution: Once the solution is agreed and customer is satisfied with that, move quickly to the next part. When an unhappy customer makes a call and receives an immediate respond to his problem, he will be much more likely to return with a more lucrative business deal. A prompt and clear resolution builds greater customer loyalty. On the other side, if the customer call is transferred from one executive to another and then to manager, customers get irritated.

Provide tools: In most BPO companies India, the infrastructure is well-equipped which in turn helps customer care agents to resolve queries promptly. Moreover, with the help of tools and latest technology, call centre representatives become more productive and they can sort out queries in an efficient manner.

Customer care representatives, handling complaints quickly, efficiently and professionally will slashe down those issues and turns it into a lucrative business deal. Choose effective bpo services India to strengthen your customer service experience and grow your business.

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