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Impressive French Provincial Reproduction Furniture

June 21, 2016

The French provincial reproduction furniture is famous for its design and best quality timber woods. Apart from that there are many features available which offer add-on services like, if you have any design plan or if you want to customize your furniture design then you can place the order to the designers and they will make the furniture accordingly. The French have always been known for their luxurious style of living that encompassed all spheres of life. Especially their furniture in antiquity had sophisticated looks that were designed for the kings and the courts, the aristocrats and the bourgeoisie. These pieces were produced at renowned centers within the country as well as culturally orbit centers that surrounded the country though not officially part of it. These were the provincial centers that made furniture with typical carvings and patterns on them.

Highest longevity and best quality furniture:

These amazing ranges of furniture are a rare find in the antique market and are will also cut a bid dent into your resources. However, there are some impressive french provincial reproduction furniture stores that will be able to provide you with good quality of such furniture.

  • Most of these reproduction furniture are usually made from quality plantation wood that are seasoned so that they can take the carvings well without chipping and cracking.
  • Reproduction pieces that are made from wood like mahogany and oak are left to exude their natural rich color while others are colored with classical white, silver and gold is also available easily.
  • Rich upholstery is a prominent characteristic of this period furniture and the reproductions too will have quality upholstery either in fabric or in
  • The reproduction is available as entire sets or also as individual pieces depending on the manufacturers that produce them. Most of the good pieces are available online, and you can bargain and compare the price before you buy the table or the dining sets.

The individual pieces

When it comes to the individual pieces for utility purposes, you are likely to find them in all types. Most reproduction manufacturers produce the entire range of furniture for the modern home that you can accommodate even in small spaces.

  • Most common and in demand pieces are the chairs and the small sized tables and consoles. You will come across the heavily carved and richly upholstered wings chairs made out of solid wood. The individual consoles are embellished with elaborate carvings at the outer edges along with the symmetrical curves on the legs that compliment boththe look as well as provide the essential support to the piece. The bedside tables too are made in similar patterns with a set of inbuilt chest of dra
  • The mirrored Bonnetiere Armoire or the tall and narrow wardrobe is another popular piece that comes from the Provincial In antiquity, they were usually made use of in pairs kept on their sides of the fireplace opening to the left and the right respectively. The reproductions are available in single pieces and can be kept in any narrow space in the bedroom too.
  • The bed-end stools or the bench seats have one armed raised and comfortably upholstered for a luxurious seating.

You will also find the set of dining chairs with or without arms that are upholstered both at the bottom and the back for a more elaborate look.

What characterizes this french provincial reproduction furniture is the close workings of the carvings and the gilding that today’s master craftsmen incorporate into them. The cabinets that come from the age have shallow relief carvings and incorporated veneers of ivory. Another embellishment from the period is the bronze mounts that are laid at the appropriate places for the quintessential classical look.

If you want to furnish your home with an elegance look then you can use this french provincial reproduction furniture and for that, you can search through several online portals, and choose your favorite design accordingly.

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