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India: The Education Heaven Of Asia

August 21, 2015

India is known as a country of diversity. The nation so vast geographically, so varied culturally and so crowded demographically that you will lose yourself blissfully in its magic.

According to a study conducted by the Institute of International Education, more than 33,100 foreign students enrolled in Indian universities in 2012. Considering the fact that India is still a developing country, this is a huge increase in the number of foreign students when compared to the 7589 recorded in the academic year 2003-04.

The reasons for this growing interest of foreign students in studying in India are many. Despite its developing economy, India is emerging as a global power which is being recognized by the developed nations around the globe as major power-player in Asia. Following are some reasons why India is being preferred by students from around the world.

  1. Cheapest Place to Study

According to a report conducted by HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management System India is the cheapest place to study for an international student. According to the report, the annual expenditure required to study in India is just $5642 while studying in Australia -ranked as the most expensive place to study- required an expenditure of $42,093.

  1. Low University Fee

Apart from the low cost of living, Indian universities are also distinct because of their low fees and costs. According to the above cited report, an Indian university costs just a mere $581 as fees whereas in countries like Australia, one has to pay approximately $24,081.

  1. Large Number of Universities

India has a large number of recognized and reputed universities which offer varied professional as well non vocational courses. According to the official sources, India has more than 700 universities and 35,000 affiliated colleges.

  1. Diverse Culture

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With followers of four major religions and a geographic vastness which encompasses people of different cultures.,iIt won’t be wrong to say that studying in India will teach you more about its culture than an academic  degree.

  1. Traditions and Festivals

With its rich culture, India has a whole list of highly interesting traditions and festivals which will surely give you a deep insight in the various religions and practises.

  1. Outgoing and Friendly People

Indians are universally considered friendlier and outgoing when compared to citizens from other countries. You don’t need to carry a GPS in India as long as there are people around because they will help you with directions if you lose your way.

  1. Climate

India is usually considered a sub-tropical country. It means that different regions have slightly different climates. The summers are hot, the winters cold but compared to western countries, warm. It’s the monsoon which is the most spectacular in India, especially the torrential rains that sweep most parts of the nation in their journey back to the sea.

  1. Food

India is famous for its delicious and varied cuisines; whether it’s street food or the traditional delicacies. The best thing about the food is that it’s cheap and affordable even with a light pocket.

  1. Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

With its rich history and marks of ancient culture, India is one of the top tourist destinations around the world. Whether its places of historical importance or destinations of natural beauty, India has it all. There is the legendary Taj Mahal, the mighty Himalayas, the greenery of Western Ghats and so on and so forth.

  1. Job Prospects

India has seen a huge surge in jobs in the last several years. The IT industry in India has found a ground and job prospects in it are very high. What better place to study than the one where you can also land a high paying job?

Getting an admission in the top ranking colleges in India is much easier and less complex than colleges in some other countries. Studying in India will not only mean getting professional education, but will also hone your understanding of culture and will give you a better knowledge about people and traditions.

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