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Injured at Work? What Your Next Year Could Look Like

March 19, 2019

Many workplace injuries are minor, but serious injuries can occur in any company regardless of your line of work. If you have recently been injured, you may be overwhelmed by the pain of your injuries and are simply focused on trying heal. It can be difficult to think ahead about what the future holds when you are caught up in the moment. However, a look ahead is essential in order to prepare yourself and protect your family from unnecessary stress.

Numerous Healthcare Appointments

Immediately after being seriously injured at work, you may spend time many long days or weeks in the hospital. Surgery and other procedures may be required before you are released and allowed to return home. Your recovery period may extend for months, and it may include medications, therapy or rehabilitation and more. In addition to spending ample time in and out of doctor offices, you may also need a wheelchair, upgrades to your home and car and many other essentials. The time commitment, as well as the expense, can be burdensome.

Ample Time at Home Recovering

In between doctor appointments and receiving a seemingly endless stream of medical bills in the mail, you likely will spend many long hours at home cooped up in bed or camped out on the couch. During this time, you may be drowsy from painkillers and will have time to think about what the future holds. In addition, you may begin feeling overwhelmed by financial strain because of your inability to work and earn your regular paycheck.

Adjusting to a Long-Term or Permanent Disability

While some people are able to recover fully from a workplace injury, others learn from their medical practitioner that they will have a long-term or permanent disability. This type of disability may prevent you from being able to return to work in your normal position. You may be able to transition to a field with comparable pay, or you may only be able to work in a position that has lower income potential. There is also a chance that you may never be able to work again.

You can see that the financial impact of your workplace injury can become increasingly stressful and problematic in the year ahead and potentially well beyond this initial period of time. Your financial well-being could even be impacted for a lifetime. Consulting with compensation lawyers soon after your injury is a first step required to obtain much-needed compensation that you may be entitled to.

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