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Injured on the Commute to Work? How to Avoid Losing Income During Downtime

November 18, 2019

A broken bone or waiting for the time to heal can take anyone out of work after an accident. When you are commuting and something happens to you it does not mean you are stuck. A few ideas can help you prevent a loss of money when the worst happens.

Find ways to work from home

If your employer does not have work you can take home, then there are jobs that you can apply for online. Working from home requires filing a W-9 form with a new employer and sending a copy of your driver’s license to the company. If you are self-employed during healing, then you will need to track your work expenses and hours you spend working. Keeping receipts is important because you can get reimbursements for travel and supplies you use during your time off from your regular job.

File all losses with a personal injury lawyer

When you feel that your injury was due to the negligence of another party, then you can take the person to court to sue for damages. Personal injury lawyers can help you get reimbursement money for the time you lost at your job. They can also sue for pain and suffering if you have extensive issues. Plus, they will make sure your medical bills are covered by the party at fault.

Work with your doctor for a solid recovery plan

To ensure that you lose as little time as possible at work, it is important to see your doctor regularly. Whatever the visit schedule he or she prescribes, you should attempt to be at every appointment. You can keep a journal of questions, health problems, and symptoms to ensure your physician has the entire picture during your visit. Your doctor will understand your situation better when you actively take part in your appointments following the accident.

Keep records of all medical and work related interactions on the matter

Whether you plan to sue someone for the accident or not, you should always keep a detailed record of the situation. If you change your mind, then you have the information you need to file a claim. Specific dates, times, and concerns are important documentation to keep while you heal. Communication with your job is also good to note in case you lose it or have problems going back to work.

With the right documentation and assistance, you can get back on your feet quickly after an injury on the way to work. Whether you need a rental car, help to get to work, physical therapy, surgery, or hospitalization, a personal injury team can advise you of your rights. Working with the right team can get you back on track to making money and getting back to your routine faster.

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