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Install The Shades To Protect Your Pools

September 15, 2015

People spend a lot of hard earned money for constructing their house to be a proud owner of a beautiful house along with all other comforts. Having a personal pool in the house is considered to be a matter of prestige and comfort. It is very obvious that one opts to have a personal pool so that one can enjoy fully every time while using the pool. However, a lot more is required to be performed by the user for the maintenance of their pool.  The area of the pool gets really hot during the summers, thus need for shades for pool comes in to keep it cool and protect it from the radiations of sun. For this purpose, various types of shades are available in the market of various textures and designs which not only perform the task of protecting your property but also gives an appealing look to them.

Things Required for Installation of the Pool Shades

  • Cement for fixing the other materials
  • Two poles
  • Auger
  • One pool shade

Before installation of the shade, the owner needs to have a look at the pool and consider the areas that are facing most of the radiations from sun. Then one has to decide the place where they wish to put their shades which should be effective in all respects. The shade cannot be placed just anywhere on the side of the pool because you may not like the sun shining over you when you are using the pool.

How is the Pool Shades Installed?

For the installation of the shades, poles have to be arranged and these are installed in a particular manner. The area where the shade has to be installed should be on a level ground. For the four posts, for holes have to be made in the ground, then place the poles in those holes. One must also ensure that the holes are dug deep down for almost four to five feet which will provide strength to the poles for bearing the harsh weather conditions.  Strong winds forcefully hit the shade and can result in detached shade if the poles are not enough strong and are deep in the ground. Further cement needs to be added into the holes area around the pole so that they won’t give up in the harsh weather conditions. Approximately 48 hours are required for the fixation of the cement before moving on the next step. After your poles are firmly set then you have to remove the braces and start with building of the shades hardware up. On the top of the poles there exist a latch to which a big metal grommet is hooked.  In order to reach the top of the pole, a ladder will be required and so this needs to be arranged in advance. The sails are usually massive therefore necessary precautions have to be taken for putting the sail.

It is better to opt for the professionals for the installation of the shades as they hold experience in this aspect. And also much finishing is achieved by them than installing it by oneself.

Factors of Consideration for the Shades of Pool

  • The dimensions of the area over which shade has to be arranged so that pole of desired length can be purchased and also the required length of the sail can be estimated
  • Another important aspect is the fabric of the sail. Various designs and color patters are available in the market so people need to make choice of fabric which suits the entire décor of the place.
  • A budget estimate has to be prepared in advance to prevent the financial burden.

Hope the above mentioned things help you to installation of the pool shades! Keep in touch with us to get more important information about pool shades.

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