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Introducing Luxury Into Your Bedroom

July 27, 2015

Do you sometimes feel there is nowhere to escape to at the end of a busy day? Imagine how wonderful it would be if there was a haven in your home, a sanctuary to unwind and relax away from the stresses of modern life.

Increasingly for many people, the bedroom is becoming the place we had to when a little peace, comfort and luxury is required. Today we live in modern family homes that embrace the open-plan model – which is wonderfully practical and functions well for most things. However, when privacy, quiet and a little indulgence is demanded, shutting the bedroom door on the noise and activity of the family home can be a real tonic.

So where do you start transforming a tired, dated bedroom into a place to unwind and relax? Follow these tips for changing a lack lustre bedroom into the best space in the house…

Style Moves

The style you choose for your bedroom should reflect your personality as much as possible. This room is your space to feel totally relaxed, so think carefully before pursuing one particular theme or another. A formal, traditional interior might have always been your dream, but in reality, would you feel relaxed in such an environment? Alternatively, the clean lines and serenity of minimalist schemes can promote feelings of calm and well being – but would this suit your bubbly, excitable personality? Only you know the answers to these questions, but they are worth serious consideration before you start on designing a new bedroom interior. The aim is to create the perfect, private bedroom space for you – be clear about your needs, your likes and dislikes – write a list of features you admire in other bedroom designs and keep a scrapbook of inspirational room sets to fire your imagination.

Colour Cues

Once you have decided on a general theme you can start introducing ideas for colour. For rooms with a nest-like, cocoon sensibility, it is better to opt for warm, darker shades that have the effect of bringing the walls in. Rich hues such as scarlet, deep green, indigo and gold will all lend an air of opulence and luxury to a room and serve as a wonderful backdrop for artwork and other interior embellishments. If you want a bright and airy atmosphere in the room, select pastels that glow and reflect light such as pale pinks, buttery yellows and duck egg blues.

Textural Treats

A bedroom is a sensual place and a great way of enhancing this is incorporating plenty of textural interest. Whether this is done with soft carpet underfoot, smoothest 100% cotton bed linen, or velvet cushions and bolsters strewn across the bed – the touch of pleasing textures against the skin brings sensual pleasure and comfort, so edit out anything with rough or scratchy surfaces.

Beautiful Bedding

The focal point of a bedroom should be the bed. What do you fancy? A four poster confection straight out of a fairytale with drapes, swags and bows? A modern bed with integral docks for charging your phone and pumping out music? A pared down futon with a simple mattress and minimalist base? Whatever style bed you choose, it is essential to invest in the best bed linen to make the sleeping experience ideal. Buy 100 % cotton bed linen that allows skin to breathe and feels wonderful against your body as you sleep. Natural materials such as cotton sheets really should be non-negotiable in a bedroom built upon the ideals of luxury.

Fabulous Furnishings

As well as the bed, you will need places to store clothes and shoes, toiletries and other essentials. Furnishings will be dictated by the style you’ve chosen, but a good general rule is to allow for more storage space than you think you need – that way, you should have just about enough. Dual-purpose furniture such as beds or Ottomans with internal storage can help manage clutter in smaller rooms. If there is space, consider a reading nook or relaxing corner with a chaise longue or comfortable armchair, with good lighting and perhaps a scented candle for a sensual and sybaritic touch.


A simply decorated room can be given an instant shot of luxury with carefully chosen accessories. Dramatic light fittings such as chandeliers in Venetian crystal, a jewel coloured Persian carpet or an ornate Baroque style gilt mirror can all inject a sense of opulence to a room with minimal effort. Those who prefer their luxury more low key should focus on handmade furnishings, ceramics and glassware with strong design credentials and clean lines.

You will never regret creating a luxury bedroom space. Out of all the rooms in the house it will become the one you never want to leave. The only problem you may find, is keeping other people out…

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