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Is Using Second-Party Data For Display Marketers Really Worthwhile?

September 10, 2015

First-party data and Third-party Data are being used very commonly in market but second-party data is still very uncommon. Brands either use their own database called First-party data or data purchased from unknown sources called Third-party data.

Second Party-data is the data collected directly from other sources which are directly or indirectly related to your brand. There are many ways to collect data but the most expensive way out of them is to collect data through Data Management Platforms.

DMP is capable of collecting data from various sources and selecting the targeted audience. It also recognizes the information of same customers collected from different sources on multiple devices. Brands can also collect second-party data on their own. They can use tag managers and cookies to collect information about the visitors come to their website through publisher’s website when they adopt Affiliate Marketing.

However collecting second-party data is a bit difficult but it can bring better results than third-party data. The biggest benefit of using second-party data is that it is reliable as it is collected from the sources that are directly related to you. Therefore it ensures that the customers targeted through it will not feel disturbed and irritated because of receiving unwanted ads.

It also helps brands to provide competitive value as they save their time and efforts by contacting the targeted audience only. Using second-party data for display marketers is really worthwhile because it is actually retargeting. Getting an edge over competitors through such strategies enables a business to touch newer heights.

Remarketing campaigns also fetch improved performance since second-party data ensures high efficiency. Remarketing is one of the imperative strategies of marketers. Driving high traffic on websites and collecting second-party data can also be easily, quickly and frugally done with Affiliate Marketing companies in India chosen for display remarketing.

Hence, considering second-party data is one of the best options to increase the number of conversions and customer acquisition. Marketers with state-of-the-art technologies are already leveraging the benefits of second-party data.

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Prashant Kumar

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