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Is Your Cat Not Eating Right- Is It The Cat Food That Is Wrong or Anything Else?

March 24, 2016

Cats are finicky and extremely moody and even as an owner, you might not be able to make out its mood swings. One moment it is purring away nicely, while the other, it can give you a hard time feeding it. Feeding your feline friend is a tricky job. If it does not like the cat food or the cat feeders in which it is served, you are surely up against a tough job and that is feeding it its daily meal. What is more, you might not be able to make out the reason too as to why your cat is denying to eat when you are feeding it the best cat food? But, are you sure that you are actually feeding your pet cat the best cat food that is available? Or are there any other reasons why it is not eating. Find out before there arises a situation when you have to take it to the veterinarian.

What Might Be Wrong?

Too much of love or care for your feline friend might not be good for its well-being. It is good that you are taking care of it, but do not go overboard with things. Instead, find out where you might be going wrong.

You Might Be Over Feeding Your Cat

Also known as free-feed, this is practiced by many cat owners. What they do is keep the feline’s bowl always filled with cat food. This means that your cat always has access to food and might tend to overeat especially when you are filling the bowl with the best cat food and the one your feline friend absolutely loves. It is necessary to keep a tab on how much your cat is eating throughout the day. If you are not sure of the measure, then talk to the veterinarian for some guidance.

Does Your Cat Like The Cat Food At All?

What you are feeding your cat will also count as one of the reasons why it is declining the diet. May be the cat food that you are feeding your cat is not suiting it. You need to remember a simple thing. Your feline friend is not good with a vegan diet. They are carnivores and needs to have meat. That is a must in their diet as their digestive system is designed likewise. While picking your cat food from the store or even if you are ordering it online, read the ingredients and then buy. Whether it is buying biscuits for your cat or treats or cat formulas, see that they have chicken and vegetables and are gluten free.

Feed Your Cat The Right Treats

Cats love treats now and then and it if fine to give them treats. But as you need to check the ingredients of the cat food, do look at the ingredient label on the packet for treats as well. Cat treats look smaller in size buy they are packed with calories which in the long run is not good for the health of your pet.

Are Your Feeding Your Cat Right?

You might be feeding the best dry cat food to your cat, but are you serving it in the right manner? Your car might not be comfortable having its food from a plate or a cheap plastic bowl. Often, the right kind of cat feeder makes all the difference to your pet’s eating habit. Store or online, there are many varieties of cat food bowls available nowadays. You can choose a mirror finish stainless dish or a stoneware dish or a pedestal bowl.

Is The Environment Conducive For Eating

Would you like to eat in a room full of people shouting at the top of their voice when what you just want is some silence? The same applies to our pets as well. Pet owners need to ensure that their pets are comfortable while eating. Find out where your cat likes to eat and put her food in that place.

Choose The Cat Food According To The Age

Whether you have a kitten, or a cat also matters when you pick the cat food. You cannot feed a toddler solid food. Similarly, you cannot feed a kitten what is meant for a cat and a cat what is meant for a kitten. You need to feed your feline friend the food that is suitable for the age.

Do Not Change Cat Food At Frequent Intervals

It is important that your cat has the right kind of food and in correct quantity. Changing the diet too frequently can lead to adjustability issues and affect your pet’s health. All kinds of cat food might not be suitable for your cat. Also, reducing the measure of your cat food may lead to hepatic lipidosis, a serious liver condition that might be fatal for your fat. Any changes to the diet should be introduced gradually and with proper guidance from the veterinarian.

Your pet is precious to you. Hence, ensure that you find out the reasons for its discomfort without any delay.

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