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Keep The Dream Alive – Fresh Marketing Techniques For Entrepreneurs

June 10, 2016

It’s common to get tired of the usual old marketing techniques that you have been using since you started your business. Sometimes a new business venture requires new marketing plans just to keep the dream alive and make it more fun. If this is your desire, consider trying these fresh marketing techniques today, and your business will thrive.

Embracing Competition

The old technique was that you should know your competition. Well, in a global economy you can’t manage to know all your competition. The most appropriate thing to do is to embrace the competition. This means that businesses in the same sector can co-market, communicate and embrace the elements of their business plans so as to succeed. Increase in the transparency of the digital media and internets allows customers to research comparative information before they can make a decision. Consider making it easy for your potential customer to understand the benefits and risks of your company over another. Some entrepreneurs still haven’t embraced the use of computers in their offices to keep track of their documents. Companies, like Vital Records Control, know that manila file folders can make the office look untidy. Consider keeping your documents in various platforms offered online and get all the old documents shredded.

Advertising with Social Media

Advertising is expensive, so before you can consider any other forms of advertising begin with social media marketing. If you already have an official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account, try new contests and giveaways to ensure that you keep the customers engaged. Be sure to publicize the winners. You may also post relevant information on social media about yourself, the employees or some whimsical/fun side of the business that is unexpected or your personality.

Use Referral Programs

You should never underestimate the power of direct referrals. Most businesses have testimonials from customers who enjoyed their services or products on their websites even though that alone can’t convince a potential customer to buy. A referral program can be kept simple. For instance, you can offer the existing customer a discount on their new purchases or on the monthly membership for recruiting new customers to your company. Be sure to research on some of the referral rates similar companies are offering before setting your rate and your customers will increase.

No matter the business, always strive to gain a fresh perspective by trying new marketing techniques.  Keeping up on the changing tends will always make sure your business lands on top of the pile of competitors.

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