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Keep Your Android Phones Aloof From Spies

May 9, 2016

Do you want to keep your apps locked up in your android phones so that no one can check your important things in your cell? We do keep a lot of things in our phones that we like to keep within us. There are many people all around us who likes to interfere in our day to day life. If you have a fight with your partner and he or she after the fight checks your call logs and messages. In order to avoid that you should keep your apps locked so that no one on earth except you can open up your phone. On having this app a person can only open your phone when you want. When anyone has your permission or they have the code for opening your apps then only can they have a look at your valuable things. Suppose you want to show a picture to your mother but she cannot open it until you let her know your apps password.

Advantages of these Security Systems

Well there are many kinds of security system available over the web. You have to download the app which better suits you. Leo Privacy Guard can be downloaded for free from goggle play store. If you have very less app storage space in your handset then this app lets to manage your unused apps by uninstalling them. This increases space in your phone so that you can keep apps and use them which are needed and which you use very frequently. If you are afraid that some kind of virus might attack your phone. They do not panic. Stay cool and calm. This app also secures your phone by not letting viruses enter your phone. Even if they do enter it has got some way out to help you. More over your important documents and files won’t be harmed.

If you use your phone heavily then you don’t need to worry about your battery backup now. These kind of apps helps you to restore your battery for a long time and lets you do your work. This app also lets you know about you’re the amount of data you have used up in your phone. The information helps you to know that when you would need to recharge again. It also lets you have a sleek design on your app lock screen so as to make your phone screen look more beautiful and stylish.

The Best Features

Anyone who has an internet connection in their cell phones and who uses a smart phone can use this apps features so that they can keep their phones protected at all times. Leo Privacy Guard has some advanced features as compared to the other apps of its category. But the featured keeps on updating from time to time. You can easily download the app if your phones storage permits it. You can read various reviews about the app while downloading it from google play store. If it suits you then you can have it.

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