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Key Notes On Clearing A Random Hair Drug Test

September 24, 2015

Random Tests for Drugs:

            Many companies, as a company policy perform routine checks on their employees or new hires in the form of random drug tests and only if they clear the tests, they are retained otherwise not. With little or no option at all for those employees who fail such tests, they have to take necessary precautions so that they can clear the tests as it is going to be a do or die situation for them. The companies or firms or organizations those who perform such tests, often have a tie-up with some highly sophisticated pathological laboratories where such tests are performed and reports are generated. These labs send their staff to collect the samples from the employees in a highly professional way and execute the procedures and tests on them to produce the 100% accurate results.

Drug Tests on Hair Samples:

            The labs used to collect blood and urine samples from the employees to perform the drug tests. But since these are very basic samples and they can be easily contaminated and also may not produce the much awaited 100% accurate results, they, off late, also collect hair as well as saliva samples as they give the exact accurate results. To know more on how to pass a hair drug test one can always check the Total Detox Friend, an online team of experts who can advise the employees on what to do to detox their body parts from where the samples would be taken. The employees, normally have a couple of days breathing time to ascertain their status and to detox themselves and hence can try to successfully pass the test when it happens.

How is it Done?

            Actually, the hair samples that are collected from the individuals are stored in sterile containers so that they can never get contaminated. These samples undergo rigorous tests for drugs and the labs generate the reports on the complete history of the individual too. The hair follicles are used to perform such tests and they always produce the maximum and 100% accurate results as well as reports based on their history.

Clearing the Test is Mandatory:

            The employees must educate themselves on how to pass a hair follicle drug test as otherwise, their results may not be satisfactory and they will end up failing these random drug tests. These tests are very crucial for all the employees as well as the aspiring candidates who want to start their career with a big break in the market. They can always check the hair follicle detox programmes provided by the Total Detox Friend and take all the necessary inputs on the do’s and don’ts of the detox programmes. They must make use of the time given to them to prepare themselves mentally as well as physically in order to clear all of their random drug tests at one go.

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