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Know Everything about Operating a Farm Tractor Safely

November 18, 2015

In order to satisfy the modern agricultural enterprise needs, more heavy duty and easily operational tractors are launched every day. Tractors are one of the most common equipment found in farms compared to the other equipment and are used for several functions.

However, the bad news is that every year there are numerous tractor accidents taking place resulting in serious injuries and even casualties. The losses caused due to such accidents are considerable. Let us discuss a little about how to operate farm tractors safely.

Reduce risk of tractor accidents:

  • Make sure you are physically and mentally fit

When a tractor accident takes place, it is not always the equipment that we can blame. At times, it is our bad health and judgments too. It is important to understand that the operator is mentally and physically fit, before he can operate a tractor. Someone who is sleepy, tired, exhausted, in stress or depression or is not well trained shouldn’t drive a vehicle like that.

  • Be familiar with all the operational procedures

It is utmost crucial that every person operating a tractor should be well aware of all the procedures outlined in the operator’s manual. Only after knowing the operating procedures well will an operate use a tractor more confidently and wisely. Knowing all the controls by memory ensures that one will react much faster in an emergency and hence avoid accidents. Try to go through all the points of operator’s manual and if possible go through it when you have a tractor in front of you.

  • Use a tractor for intended purposes only

No wonder a tractor is used for several purposes at a site. However, improper use leads to accidents. In simple words, there are different types of tractors for different purposes. Use tractors the way it is directed. You will always find small tractors for sale by owner. Try to get different tractors for different purposes.

  • Check everything before you operate a tractor

Your operator’s manual will have a list of pre-operational checks. Make sure you go through it every time. Some of the most important things to check are seat position, seat belt, brakes, steering, rear view mirrors, windows, reflector, lights, etc.

Starting and shutting a tractor safely


  • Verify if all the power take off controls are working fine. The transmission should be in neutral and clutch must be depressed.
  • Follow the starting procedures as mentioned in the manual. Since starting procedures are different for different tractor models.
  • Make sure the engine is warm up before you start working.
  • Check oil pressure, battery charge, etc. before you start.

Shutting down:

  • Try to cool down the engine a little before you shut it off.
  • Lower down all the hydraulically lifted equipment.
  • After shutting when the tractor is cooled down refill the fuel.
  • Verify if the park breaks are locked or not and check if there are any combustible debris around the exhaust system.

By operating a tractor safely, you will not only avoid accidents, but will also avoid high maintenance expenses. Lastly, make sure that when you start a tractor everyone is clear from the ground. You can try horn to make sure.

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