Know Your Birth Month Flowers And Its Meaning

By alina
November 5, 2015

There is a list of flower associated with each month. So like Birthstones you also have birth flowers. The monthly flowers are perfect for flower delivery to UK for Birthday. Send birthday flowers are a tradition followed by the ancient Romans to send specific flowers in the month of birthdays. Our florist will give you inspiration to buy the best birthday floral gift for dear ones.


Sending carnations will represent the spirit of pride, beauty and admiration. It is a flower that carries richness and colors. Available in different sizes, they are perfect for birthday flowers that will fit into your budget too. Carnations Bouquets online will inspire you to buy the best birthday gift.

February-Violet & iris

In the floral language, violet color symbolizes fidelity, humility and purity. Irish flowers are perfect with mixed and arranged with pansies and primrose. With violet color you can be sure that this bloom gift will bring joy to your day.

March- Daffodil

March is the month that welcomes springtime. It is a time of rebirth, fertility and nature. This flower is a perfect flower for this month birthday gifts. It symbolizes rebirth, new start, and unparalleled love. This makes a unique birthday gift for dear and near ones.

April- Gerbera& Sweet pea

This is the time that everyone enjoys spring time. During this season, days are longer and brighter and evenings are spent enjoying cold weather. April month flower brings happiness, fun, and childlike joy. The flowers of April month are available in a wide range. Gerbera is the flower that represents innocence, love and purity & Sweet peas represents blissful peace, simplicity and innocence.

May- Lily of the valley

This month’s flower is full of symbolization. Lily flower had always held a strong attraction. This flower represents virtue, innocence, purity and noble feelings. These flowers truly display care for loved ones.

June – Rose

Roses are one of the popular flowers that isbeing loved by everyone around the globe. It symbolizes love, passion, beauty and perfection. Each flower color has a meaning to represent, white color signifies purity, red is of love, orange for admiration, yellow for jealousy and so on.

July- Delphinium

This flower is known as larkspur. Dulphine shape flower represents open heart and garden attachment. This flower shows a strong bond of friendship. It brings lots of fresh feelings for birthday. This flower is available in variety of colors but blue is one of the favorites of all.

August- Gladioli

This flower is a symbol of strength, moral integrity and sincere feelings. This flower is also received as a best birthday gift for any age and anyone.


Aster flower represents trust, patience, powerful love and courage. Sending aster means you are sending a thought and affection. It makes a great birthday gift idea. It is an appreciation of thanks to the beauty.


Nature blooms in the month of autumn. There is a freshness of colors and greenery around us. This month is a full of energy and thus is the flower Marigold that perfectly matched with the birth month. It is the symbol of affection and grace.


Many see to this flower as a funeral flowers but they represents optimism and happiness. It symbolizes sun and noble feelings that truly make a perfect birthday gifts.

December- poinsettia

This is a Christmas star flower that is popularly symbolized for Christmas. It make an excellent birthd Flowers delivery To UK ay gift not just for Christmas but also for the entire month. Very cheerful and happening flower it is!

Take a look at online birth month flowers and make a memorable celebration!

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