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Last Minute Ways to Make Moving Day a Success

December 7, 2018

It’s easy to underestimate the complexity and strain of a move. Yet, moving actually generates more stress than getting a divorce. So any last minute ways you can make the process a success are inherently good things. Let’s jump in and look at a few things you can do.

Go to Bed and Get up Early

Tired people make mistakes. They’re also prone to short tempers. Neither of those things will make your moving day more successful. Plus, you’ve probably been putting in long days for weeks already. Do yourself a favor and go to bed early the night before. Get a solid 8 hours of sleep. Get up early the next day and eat something like a decent breakfast. You’ll be far better equipped for decision-making.

Use a List

Make a list of everything you need to make sure happens on moving day. You can organize it by priority or by when tasks must be completed. Both approaches offer benefits and pitfalls, but they both trump winging it. For example, if you’re not taking all the appliances with you, did you remember to unplug all of them? Sure, the utilities will probably turn off in a day or so, but why pay for the electricity or risk a fire?

Make a Final Pass Thought the House

You will forget to do something or put something on the list. That’s why you must do a final pass through the house. Go through each room. Look in all the closets. Look in all the cabinets and drawers. Don’t forget about the attic and basement if you have one. Got a shed in the backyard? These are all places where it’s easy to overlook small treasures or tools you won’t want to replace when you get to your new home.

Call in the Pros

Sometimes, you need to move fast. A great new job offer comes up, but you need to start in three weeks. A good move usually takes at least two months to plan and execute. In that situation, you’re probably best off calling in an affordable moving company. Many of them offer packing services that speed up and simplify the process. Although, you should always pack and personally transport critical paperwork, jewelry, and irreplaceable photos.

Moving is stressful and complicated, but you can take some last minute steps to make it a success. Get a decent night of sleep. Use a to-do list. Make a final pass through your house. If necessary, call in some pros to speed up the process. You’ll forget fewer things and have a far more successful move.

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