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LEO Privacy Guard…All-Round Privacy Protection

By alina
May 9, 2016

These days almost all of our personal information is stored in our smartphones. One of the biggest concerns for the present smartphone user therefore, is privacy. Well, there many apps available to protect user’s security and privacy, but very few stand out. One such app is the LEO Privacy Guard.

The Leo Privacy Guard is an app designed to keep apps, or content such as SMS messages private and safe from prying eyes of other people. Whether it’s a roommate, kids or a paranoid partner you need to keep from accessing certain content in your device, LEO Privacy Guard will work miracles for you giving the peace of mind you so much desire. It comes with lock, backup as well as boost features to optimize your device’s security and performance.

Lock apps and other content inside the app.

This feature lets users set passwords to protect your apps. This is achieved by setting a password or pin code that must be entered by users wishing to access the locked apps or content. It is highly recommended that one sets a security question accompanied with an answer in case they forget the pin code. You have an option of locking applications after screen off, be regularly reminded to lock new apps or set auto-lock settings. You could automatically lock or unlock by desired location and time, and easily switch between different mode options.

Sleek and stylish interface.

It has an easy-to-use interface with helpful animations and large icons. It also comes with instructions and tips on how every section within the app works. LEO Privacy Guard also displays the total number of apps installed in the device, alongside the amount of traffic and memory used. Shortcuts for each section are featured at the bottom of your device’s screen.

Backup applications and boost your phone’s performance.

The application allows you to backup apps to an SD card, before later restoring them to original directories. It also has the capability of uninstalling unwanted apps. The boost feature utilizes animations and closes applications running within the background so as to release memory and make the phone perform better and faster.

Protection levels.

This App introduces an innovative way of categorizing privacy protection across levels such as:-vigilant, Dangerous, Normal, Good and Perfect. It continuously recommends the appropriate privacy level depending on the user’s smartphone conditions.

Gallery: Photos & Videos.

Leo Privacy Guard allows the user to hide personal photos or videos which they wish not to share with other people.


This app consumes about 35 MB of RAM. Its resource friendly especially if you consider the number of features supported. However, the app-lock screen responds slowly sometimes.

Pricing and Availability.

Leo Privacy Guard is free and through the App Store within the utilities category. There also exists an Android version on Google Play.

Summary of features.

  • Privacy Password to lock apps and other private content.
  • Private Album to store private photos and video clips.
  • Private Camera to snapshot fleeting moments under the covers and save them to the private album.

.• Safe box to store personal information such as credit cards, membership card, etc.

  • Safe QR Code Reader to safely scan bar and QR codes.
  • Device Monitor battery condition and data usage in real time.


  • Lock apps and pictures.
  • Set security questions.
  • Backup apps and boost performance.


  • No widgets.
  • No notifications.
  • Can’t connect to the internet.

All in all, LEO Privacy Guard is a decent application, one with a lot to offer. It isn’t exactly subtle in how it does its job, but for users locking things it is fairly simple to setup. Review Leo Privacy Guard more about locking your own private content away from other users, and not from external threats from the internet, but if that is what you are looking for, then it will certainly work wonders for you!

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  • leo privacy guard is a real nice app, my phone's totally under cover now, my gf cannot see my text nor pics or any other stuff like apps that i watn to keep private. it works fine for me, glad i found it. ihad a trouble with disappeared file after deinstalling the app, so i contacted their support team and they helped me find the missing file no prob.

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