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Logo Logistics: How To Create An Effective Image For Your Company

May 12, 2016

The logo you choose for your company should be everything your company stands for in one design. A great logo can help build trust and loyalty with your customers, and establishes your identity. Your logo gives your company a professional look and is important in part of your initial planning processes.

Logo Choices

First, you’ll have to decide the type of logo that best fit will with your company. A logo based on font choices would not necessarily include a picture. Companies like Amazon have an arrow, which helps to reinforce their message and looks like a smile, but it also points from A to Z in the name, which gives it a double meaning.

Another type of logo choice is a picture or symbol of exactly what the company does. A lighting company might have a light bulb as theirs, while a painting company could use a paintbrush or ladder.

The third type of logo is an abstract design. This type of design doesn’t mean anything until the company brands it with their marketing campaign. For example, Nike’s swoosh didn’t have any meaning until Nike created an athletic lifestyle around the symbol.

Logo Planning

The first thing you’ll have to do is decide what you’d like your company logo to embody. Is it a certain message? Is it a lifestyle? You can take your mission statement and turn it into a one sentence statement. Figure out what you’d like people to feel when they see your logo.

It might help to take a look at your competitors. They could use flashy graphics or black and white imagery for theirs and you’ll want to think about how those logos reflect the business itself. Make yours stand out among those others and have something that puts you apart as a business.

The logo you choose should be made with a variety of mediums in mind. It should look great on the side of a truck, on a billboard, on the Internet, and on paper. It should be effective in black and white too.

Logo Colors

When you’re picking colors, you have to consider how much it will cost to print. While you might love the idea of twelve colors in your design, that many colors can become a printing nightmare. There are some limitations to reproducing numerous colors in some of the mediums you may use for advertising as well.

It helps to think about the future when designing your logo so don’t limit yourself in the future by not thinking ahead. While you may only need a logo for your website right now, you want to be ready for future opportunities.

It’s also important to hire a designer for creating your logo. A design firm like Arc and Co. will know exactly how to help make yours stand out among the competition.

Building your brand and company takes time and a lot of thought. Use these ideas when thinking about your logo so your image can stand out and get you noticed in the right way.

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