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Long-Distance: How To Keep Your Company Running From Afar

October 29, 2015

Whether you own businesses in different geographic locations or simply travel a great deal, it can be difficult to keep a company running efficiently from afar. Staff look to you for leadership, and things can quickly become confusing if no one feels connected. In addition, staying on top of day to day happenings is a challenge if you’re not physically present. However, there are some steps you can take to keep your company running smoothly no matter where you happen to be.

Be on the Same Page

One of the best ways to maintain efficiency in your business is to make sure everyone is on the same page with regard to what is most important, and how processes should be completed. That means you’ll need to have organized, clearly stated policies in place and be sure everyone on your staff is aware of them. When there is a policy manual to refer to and a targeted business strategy in place, team members will be more likely to carry things out in a consistent manner that has already been determined to be acceptable. In additional, an organizational mission statement and clearly defined goals can help to guide the overall framework of your business.

Maintain Communication

You should have some routine in place for communicating with your staff. Regular team meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will be sufficient to keep everyone up to date and informed. However, some issues are more time sensitive. As the company leader, you should be kept in the loop always with regard to troubleshooting problems or understanding timely matters. Having a business phone line service in place is advantageous so you are never more than a phone call away. This kind of service also provides a more professional appearance to key stakeholders, as you can utilize one business telephone number for all communications. Talk to a Reserve Telecommunications specialist to find ways you can bundle a plan to possibly include internet and other services into one bill.

Train Your Team

Along with the earlier step of being on the same page, it’s crucial you feel confident in your team’s ability to know your business inside and out. Regular trainings ensure everyone is comfortable in their job duties and with the company mission. This is particularly necessary especially when new concepts are introduced into your business or industry as a whole. Consider outside professional development opportunities as well so your team can bring back the latest industry happenings to your company.

These are just a few steps to implement that will help you keep your company running smoothly no matter where you are. Make sure you make yourself available for both staff and customers and have a plan for organization so you don’t fall behind. In time you’ll be able to develop more confidence in you and your employees so the next time you’re away everything goes on as planned.

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