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Magical Characters Re-Awaken Childhood Dreams And Inspire Your Inner Creativity

August 1, 2016

Have you ever thought about those magical childhood dreams that never bore fruit? Faced with various life circumstances, many of us never realized those dreams or forgot about them entirely.

It was the re-awakening of a childhood dream that led to the development of the Malefactors Art Toys collection. It’s a collection that inspires the ability to dream, to hope, to smile, to create and have fun. Developed by Leonardo and Clarissa Trujillo, this collection of vinyl toys is a new venture in the world of thought and imagination toys for adults. The Malafachos is a magical collection of characters inspired by the inner child in all of us.

They are 12 unique characters that reflect what we each have in all of us – wonder, curiosity, spontaneity and courage. The characters are in fact twelve friends, with twelve names, twelve different personalities and different aspirations for “when I grow up”.  Everyone will find something in each of the characters that they can identify with.

Mr. Trujillo spent three years conducting research and development. As he designed each character, he discovered that his inner child came to life and that he was inspired to fulfill his old dreams. At the time, he wondered if other people would have a similar experience with these toys. So he and his wife created surveys and audits in hidden social games. The results were astonishing! After interacting with the Malafachos toys, users connected with the characters on a personal level and were inspired to act on dreams that had long been forgotten since childhood.

They started to fulfill those dreams. Through daily contact with one or multiple characters, users were able to realize the fulfillment of old dreams and awaken their inner child in no more than 40 days!

Now, the founding company Qoonas wants to expand and distribute the vinyl toys, so that adults everywhere can experience this magical awakening. In the initial stage, the company will manufacture 120 pieces of vinyl Malafacho toys – 10 reproductions of the 12 models.

This is all part of a strategy to captivate another audience and spread the message of multiculturalism by developing merchandising and souvenirs so that every household in the world can have a Malafachos adventure.

Through the 12 characters in The Malafachos collection, people all over the world will regain the ability to wonder, and to explore a universe where they can dream without boundaries.  It will once again inspire them to take action to become whoever they aspire to be, whether it’s a scientist, astronaut, carpenter or artist, or to simply enjoy delightful adventures and make their lives more meaningful.

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