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April 29, 2016

In a world that has increasingly become dependent upon technology for its upward climb, it has become imperative that businesses realize the potential that mobiles hold in terms of their business. In order to ideate, create and sustain, one must constantly be updated on the know-how of the business world as well as understand what it takes to be a step ahead of the rest. How does a retail business accomplish this task?

In order to be ahead of your game and a pioneer in the industry, a retail business must abolish all cumbersome processes that may eventually become a gap between the customers and the business. This can be done most effectively with the help of an automated tool. Such a tool can help you manage and maneuver the complete business as well as ensure complete transparency in terms of the field representatives.

We believe it can be completely agreed upon that any kind of retail business requires back-office managers, process executives and managers, merchandising managers and runners or field representatives. Now, in order to increase the ground level efficacy of such a complicated process, one must innovate and use retail merchandising software.

Here are some of the benefits of inducting such software:


One of the major concerns that any type of retail business may have is how to compile the best process require to ensure compliance. Businesses are governed by rules and regulations to make sure they follow a fair and ethical practice. But, this may easily be looked over in the pressures of generating a profit.

This is where mobile software such as FReD aka Field Reporting Dude can collate the relevant data to ensure that businesses are always in line with the regulations put forward by authorities. A business can also check any discrepancies caused due to a manual module and help their
execution plan accordingly.

Providing Information-

Whether it is collecting information on the go and having it accurately reported back to the back-office managers or the process of providing your field reps all the client information they need, mobile data collection software can help ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Any basic information about a client that your business may have put together over years can be utilized to aid your field rep. This will allow them to present themselves more professionally as well as ensure a more dynamic adaptability.

Scheduling Tasks and Geo-Tagging-

Whether it is merchandising, scheduling tasks, updation of completed tasks, transference of collated information or anything else, this kind of software can ensure that there is no lapse between process managers and the field reps.

You can also use the geo-tagging feature to ensure that there is no scope for embezzlement or inaccuracy.

Price Checks and Documentation-

Now, everything from cross-checking prices as well as photo documentation of all purchase and sale orders can be compiled using this mobile merchandising software.

It will also allow the retail business to corroborate each transaction and study it for any potent loopholes.

Competitive Analysis-

The data so collected with the help of this software can be analyzed and compared to competitors’ data in order to punch out a more equivocal solution. You will also be able to improve communication which will further one’s profit margins.

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