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Managed VPS server Hosting an Attractive Package for SMBs

April 2, 2016

VPS hosting has all the features of a dedicated server but the features are provided in a shared environment. Dedicated server comes at a higher cost than a VPS server and another feature of VPS server hosting is that it offers better privacy and control than a shared server. To define it in a simpler way, in VPS server, a larger physical server is divided into smaller portions and each portion functions as a virtual server. The resources too are split and shared among the various customers and with it even the expenditure on the server are split among them making it more affordable than a dedicated server. Each of the users gets an individual IP address and this makes VPS server more secure than a shared server.

The host normally offers the VPS hosting in two plans.

1] Fully Managed VPS hosting:

In the fully managed hosting, all the technical related issues and maintenance support to the server is the responsibility of the VPS server hosting company. The client does not have to bother about any issues related to the hardware and software and can focus on improving their business. The customer need not have any technical expertise since the host maintains and manages all the technical issues.

A few advantages that the client gets with fully managed VPS server hosting are

  • The host ensures that the client’s website runs smoothly without any technical snags.
  • The software and hardware updates are automatically done by the host.
  • They also monitor the server for traffic spikes to ensure that the site does not crash during peak traffic.
  • The infrastructure is screened for vulnerability at regular intervals and any probable issue related to it is resolved instantly
  • Backup is provided so that in case of any crash or any other issues, the data is not lost and even if any data is lost it is updated from the backup instantly.
  • The client need not worry about security as the host takes stringent measures and provides a malware and virus free website. The provider constantly monitors the site for any suspicious activities that could corrupt the website. The client also gets 24/7 customer support for any website related queries.

2] Self managed server hosting:

In unmanaged or self managed virtual server, the host does not provide any of the maintenance services. They only set up the server and the rest of maintenance and security has to be done by the client themselves. The main advantage that the client gets in this type of VPS server hosting is that they have the liberty to customize the server as per their business requirements. They control the server as if they are the owners and restrict the accessibility of the server to others.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is also cost-effective being cheaper than managed VPS. The customer can enhance the security and limit access to the server. They need not depend on any outside sources for maintenance and updates. The client opting for self managed VPS server hosting is expected to have their own technically qualified people on their payrolls for managing and operating the server.

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