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Marketing and HR Techniques That Drive Productivity

August 9, 2016

When your organization is not meeting goals or employees are becoming less enthused about the work that they need to do, marketing and HR endeavors can be used to boost productivity. These strategies can help every employee in your organization to master skills, communicate better and become more productive.

Strategic Training

When it comes to training your staff, make sure that you use concrete and measurable standards in order to identify the areas in which they most need to be trained. For example, if you keep electronic tabs on complaints, you can look at the top one to three complaints each quarter and focus your training around those issues. If a new law or requirement is coming out around the work that you do, you can focus your training around that topic.

Identify the Preferred Methods of Communication

All of the time you spend marketing and training your employees with HR principles will be for naught if you do not use a communication technique that speaks to their needs. You may need to employ multiple techniques, such as in-person meetings, small group sessions, written memos and emails. Hands-on and interactive learning are two methods that help to ensure that the marketing messages you want to get out are being absorbed by the people you want to reach.

HR Software

HR software allows both managers and employees to be more productive by saving time on essential tasks such as timekeeping. HR software allows managers to track sign-ins and sign-outs, vacation time requests, sick time and personal leave. It’s important to have great HRIS software to support your business. HR software also allows managers to schedule meetings and keep track of who is out of the office for work and who is on-site. You can also use HR software to keep track of employee skills and other attributes such as languages spoken in order to assign employees to particular groups or tasks. HR software also aids with the hiring process. You can use software to track deficits in particular areas of your organization that need additional expertise.

Boost Confidence and Satisfaction

Your organization can put to use HR techniques such as boosting confidence and workplace satisfaction in order to drive productivity. When your employees feel like they have your support, they will be more willing to reach for higher levels of performance. They will feel more accountable and may even work harder to meet deadlines and production goals. Confident and satisfied employees will be willing to work to attainable goals that you have put into place for each individual, for teams and for the organization as a whole.

Update Old Skills and Foster New Skills

Keeping your team productive requires that they maintain or even increase the level of mastery of the skills that they already have. Updates to existing skills might include practicing skills on basic tasks in which the details are often overlooked. This can help to avoid simple mistakes that often plague the workplace. Refreshing these skills can reinvigorate and motivate your staff to do things more efficiently and with fewer mistakes than before. You can also train your staff in new skills or new methods of performing existing tasks. Teaching your staff in new methods helps to show them that your organization is up-to-date and willing to evolve. Using new and more efficient methods in your organization increases both productivity and interest in the work that needs to be done.

From up-to-date HR software for tracking staff skills and schedules to updating skill sets, you have the tools at-hand to drive productivity in your organization. When employees are supported in their efforts by your HR and managers, they will be willing to extend themselves toward your goals.

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