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Marketing Conference – Essentials For A Successful Event

April 22, 2016

Hosting a successful conference can stir a lot of positive attention for your brand, both from paying customers and investing partners. But before you get all excited, let’s first discuss the essentials for running such event.

Dedicated Website

A simple but powerful tool for promoting an event is an event page or an entire website specifically dedicated for the event. If you don’t want to go over the learning curve of building your own website, an EventBrite page may suffice. Whichever way you choose to procure your landing site, you’ll need an engaging headline and pictures and bios proliferating the site.

Pre-Conference Email

Sending an email to your invitees is sort of like the marketing before the marketing event. If you have an active list, an email marketing campaign before the conference can be one of your best mediums for ensuring maximum attendance. For those without a large enough list, you can reach out to friends, colleagues, and key speakers to mention your conference in their newsletters.

Social Media Exposure

Everybody’s on social media. There’s almost a certainty that your customers will have at least one social medial account, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Use social media platforms as leverage to your cause. For example, find relevant people on Twitter who are interested in your event and are located nearby the venue. Include them in your tweets or message them directly for a casual invite.

Event Venue

The right venue can be the single most important factor to guarantee a jam-packed event. An inaccessible area can repel people from coming even if they are interested in the topic. On the same note, a venue that lacks privacy and is smack in the middle of foot traffic can discourage guests from participating. The right venue should be both accessible and located in a private area.  Some companies, like Noah’s Event Venues, know that having a professional environment is key.  Making sure you have exactly what you need for your conference is always a plus.

Keep the Ball Rolling

Live tweet during the conference to promote your event online. Include an eye-catching and witty hashtag that participants can watch as you update it with valuable content. Furthermore, share photos of the event and the people. Whatever’s happening, share it with the world. This should stimulate a huge amount of brand exposure.

A successful event needs the right intersection of energy from the people, ambiance, and host. Be sure to consider the demographic of people you will be inviting as well as the location you’ll be hosting the event in. Conferences eat up a huge chunk of your capital ergo the payoff should be double the expended capital and energy.

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