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Marketing Matters: 4 Effective Solutions and Techniques For Small Businesses

March 5, 2016

For small business owners, the marketing process is even more important than it is for large companies that are already established in their particular sectors. The smaller markets and limited budgets of small companies do not have to pose a challenge to business owners; the following four strategies show that effective marketing is something clearly attainable.

Get Professional Marketing Advice

A do-it-yourself approach to marketing can be very valuable for small business owners, but it may not always work out as intended. On one hand, DIY marketing is certainly plausible thanks to modern online technologies such as analytics and social media, but this may entail a substantial learning curve as well as considerable effort. On the other hand, having a marketing expert working for your company is one of the most sensible strategies you can execute, and the level of professional service received can be negotiated to fit your budget.


One of the greatest advantages of small business ownership in the United States is its sense of community. Networking is at the heart of the American small business experience, particularly for making valuable B2B connections. To a certain extent, networking meetings serve a primary marketing purpose, but attending them with an open mind can open the doors to many opportunities. In fact, the next networking event you attend may be useful to evaluate potential marketing experts.

Marketing Intelligence

Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows companies to consolidate their client and sales data, thereby providing business owners with a powerful marketing intelligence tool. When marketing experts design a promotional campaign, they look for information contained in CRM systems. Professionals, like those at Compare Business Products, know that understanding the range of features that matter, gets you halfway to solutions for your business. The premise of CRM implementation is that all companies seek to achieve customer success, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by analyzing the history of customer interactions. The most valuable marketing intelligence you can gather can be found within your company, but you will need a CRM system to discover it.

Share the Secrets of Your Success

A very affordable marketing strategy consists of posting case study testimonials of satisfied clients and customers on a company website. Research conducted by business analysts shows that prospects who take time to read online testimonials and case studies have a high rate of conversion into regular clients, and they also tend to have greater income levels. If you don’t have testimonials or case studies yet, reach into your CRM system to pull customer data and conduct short email surveys.

The strategies above are enough to get you started, but it is important to remember that marketing is a constant process of learning and adjustment.

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