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Marketing Skills Every New Entrepreneur Needs

September 1, 2016

Business owners must always be alert to opportunities to increase their market share and expand their customer base. The Internet offers an opportunity to reach customers that would be impossible to serve in past times. However, using this new technology requires a certain amount of research and learning new terms and concepts that can help you employ it effectively.

Facebook Advertising

The Facebook Revolution has provided a way for business owners to tell the public about their business in a direct, intimate and meaningful way. Facebook allows you to utilize relevant content that expands your customers’ understanding of your product or service and how it impacts their lives. Facebook keeps the purchase experience going, allowing you to maintain the connection with your customers for a longer period of time.

Building a Brand

If you think of a “brand” in the old-fashioned meaning, it means a mark put on cattle to designate the rightful owner. The mark had to be unique and easily distinguishable from other brands. Some companies, like Color Grading Central, know that your business “brand” should have these same characteristics. Your brand should say something unique about who you are and what you do, and it should be reflected in the entire marketing design, that is, in colors, fonts, graphics and other elements.

SEO Skills

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the utilization of specific words and terms that an average person would use to search a topic or business. Search engines all use these words and phrases in their algorithms to allow users to find topics. Business owners who understand the concepts behind SEO can ensure that their websites and promotional materials use terms effectively to increase sales.

Video Marketing

Video marketing brings your business to the customer in a specific and personal way. You can use video to explain specific features of your product, elaborate on best methods for use or provide helpful information on troubleshooting. Video helps to fix your company name and brand in the public mind. It can help to assure repeat sales for the future.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click is an Internet advertising method that places an ad on a website that users of the site can “click” when they wish to view the ad. The business owners pays by the click, that is, each time a person implements the link to the business. The owner must choose favorable websites on which to advertise that will be most likely to provide the clicks needed to gain interested customers.

With these 5 skills, an entrepreneur can develop a unique presence using online technology that affects every consumer’s life. Entrepreneurs who understand the principles of these marketing techniques will have a distinct advantage in reaching new markets for their business.

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