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Meet A Businesswoman With Dynamism Unparalleled

October 28, 2015

These days there are very few successful business personalities that yearn to pursue sports owing to the stress and complexities of mundane life. But the ones that find time to pursue their passion, either for sports or music excel even better. And this can be exemplified by the multi talented Kimberley Dey Wang, the successful daughter of Charles B Wang. Despite the fact that Kimberley is engaged in a wide array of business activities and associated with a number of organizations that does not deter her from finding time for horse riding!

Yes, she is none other than the much acclaimed successful, self made, self driven, and passionate Kimberley Dey Wang, a brief look at her personality as a horse lover. She has won the World Championship Amateur Hunter Rider for 2 years at a stretch. Also, she was the first Asian American to have won that accolade. Such is her passion for this sports that she has also introduced a scholarship program in tandem with the American Quarter Horse Association. As a result of this effort, the deserving students passionate about this sport are entitled to a scholarship benefit so that they can further pursue their interest in this field/sports.

Kimberley Dey Wang is also known as a philanthropist and is serving as the Vice President of her father’s organization known as Charles B. Wang International Foundation, which is engaged in extending financial aid to several deserving and needy organizations that operate locally. This organization is involved in issues pertaining to cross cultural affairs and betterment of children. It may be mentioned here that her focus has always been on 3 main aspects, namely, education, health, and children. These are mainly the 3 causes she has always stood up for.

Being the Vice President of the organization, she has extended help to many organizations like Central Union Pre-School, ASSETS School, Le Jardin Academy, Boys and Girls Club Hawaii, Kapiolani Medical Center, and Special Olympics Hawaii. The amount of the financial aid extended by the organization is USD$5 million. This aid was offered in the year 2001. In the year 2007 again, when she was made the chairperson of Le Jardin Board of Trustees, she again donated a good amount towards the expansion of a school.

She is also serving presently as the Vice Chairperson of Kapiolani Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. She has been associated as a board member of this hospital since the year 2005. Kimberley Dey Wang is also a board member of Hawaii Community Foundation.

Experience and professional journey

Following is the detail of the professional association of Kimberley Dey Wang with different organizations over the years.

  • Chief Executive Officer of Crowd Source Creatives, LLC since January 2010
  • Co-Founder of since January 2010. This is a Graphic Design website offering business solutions in this field
  • Vice President with Charles B Wang International Foundation. It may be mentioned here that she has been associated with this foundation for the last 18 years having started her journey in the year January 1997.
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