Meet One Of The Best Nature Mountaineers In The World

September 18, 2015

There are very few professionals who find time to really pursue their hobby and passion to the fullest in this highly competitive world. Thomas Robert Faw is one such individual who not only is deeply associated with the real estate industry in the USA but also with nature and its breathtaking mountain summits and hiking trails.

Mountains have their own beauty and appeal. They are high, majestic and have a unique dominating presence. However, when you successfully conquer the challenge of reaching the peak of a mountain, you reach on the top of the world. The experience is exhilarating and gives you memories to cherish and share for a lifetime. Being a mountaineer is a wonderful experience. Some of the most popular mountaineers of the world give us the inspiration and courage to attempt the tricky mountain climbing and experience this amazing feeling of conquering a peak. One such widely sought after mountaineer in the world today is Thomas Robert Faw.

Thomas Robert Faw climbed the difficult Mount Mitchell a few years ago. This peak may not be the highest in the globe, but it is one of the few summits in the USA that is difficult to conquer. Thomas always wanted to experience the joys of reaching the peaks of Mount Mitchell. He has done so and lives on to tell the tale of his success to aspiring mountaineers who model him as their icon.

Mountaineering has been a Thomas’ passion for a very long time. He always wished to conquer Mount Mitchell. Reaching the 6884 foot summit made his dreams come true. He says that when he started the climb a few years ago, the journey was not smooth sailing. It was tricky and the trail was very difficult too. However, once he managed to conquer the summit, he experienced a unique serenity he had never felt before. Of course, this is a deep sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that you experience when you are climbing mountain summits and eventually conquering it. You may be wondering as to why Thomas chose Mount Mitchell over the other famous mountains in the world? According to him, the presence of the spruce fir along its trail is one of the most astonishing features of this Mountain. The quality of air is refreshing and the scenic appeal along the trail is absolutely breathtaking.

Thomas Robert Faw is not a mountaineer by profession. He is a construction foreman and works as a real estate developer for urban building projects in North Carolina. He is a busy professional however, whenever he gets spare time for himself, he hits the roads to climb mountain summits. He is passionately connected and in love with nature. Besides, regular mountaineering, he is also a hiker. He loves hiking in lush green terrains and drinking in the exquisite sights of nature. He loves exploring canyons as well as this gives him the chance to be real close to the beauty of nature. Thomas is the true example of a man who not only is dedicated to the demanding needs of the real estate industry, but passionately involved with being connected to his first love-nature too!

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