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Meet The Lady Who Camouflaged Mysticism and Rationality Into Reality

November 6, 2015

The very moment the course of astrology was introduced in the various degree programs of numerous universities, there was one big expectation. That is, there will be some educated and scholarly astrologist who will in due course of time turn out to be successful counselors of the society. Why is this necessary? If this basic question goes answered, most of the mystery is solved. How many of men can stay with pride and confidence after scrutinizing the astrological predictions given almost four and a half decades ago? Hardly any. They keep on finding for some updates on these predictions and whether they still hold or not. This is exactly where astrologers like Maralyn Burstein has made some solid mark in the society.

The basic principle which lies at the very root of astrology is known as “cosmic sympathy”, in simpler terms, the relationship between the various heavenly bodies and mankind which according to the beliefs has got a  directly proportional relation. Every religion has its own way of worshiping the Almighty as most of them associate this powers of the heavenly bodies on the individuals as some unknown ones. Maralyn Burstein being brought up in a Jewish family grew up to be mature enough with the Jewish concepts of powers and inherited the practice from her ancestors. The theories and secrets of the Kabbalah practice went hidden permanently as her great grandfather was slaughtered and so went the tricks along with him under the burial.

She developed her knack for Astrology while she was in her college days. While pursuing her bachelors and masters degree from the University of George Washington, she came across several books on astrology which were written in English and published in England. These books developed the insights within her and she grew more interest into the subject. After completing the formal education, she thought of attaining some more knowledge on astrology and hence got admitted for a PhD program in the Faculty of Astrological Studies in England. This enhanced the depth of her knowledge and she knew no bounds in learning them. From western to Vedic astrology, she kept on turning the pages of knowledge and attaining them in the best way she could. All that she could think of then was turning this passion into profession.

While exploring her knowledge on Indian Astrology she found herself lucky enough to come in touch with some of the famous names in the filed. Some of the names worth mentioning are Brendan Feeley, K.N. Rao, Vinay Aditya, Dr. Charak and the list goes on. While attending some of the international seminars on Astrology, Maralyn Burstein came to know another of its kind,  Horary Astrology. She wasted no time and enrolled for this course under John Fowley and her excellence made her win the title of ‘Horary Craftsman’.

It was only about implementing all that she has gathered into practical use. She started her practice and the immense knowledge and unique techniques gave her an edge over the others. Not just predicting the compatibility of the couples with the help of their horoscopes, she went on to help most of the entrepreneurs in taking decisions before investing in the Stock Market, Corporate Business World or any Legal Matters. It was solely Maralyn Burstein‘s determination to carry on the legacy of the family that finally led her to the position where she is today with a high acclaimed repute, popularity, and a clientèle that other astrologers will envy about.

Her in-depth predictions, uncompromising attitude and devotion has brought her success in the field which is tough enough to strive.

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