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Mental Health Tips For A Wholesome Life

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May 10, 2018

There are more conversations these days surrounding mental health these days which is great since for a long time there was a stigma surrounding the issue. People would suffer in silence, which caused more harm, but this is gradually changing as people get to know that mental health is as important as physical health for a wholesome life.

In fact, the two are intertwined as one often affects the other. For anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life, they must put the same amount premium on their mental health as they do to their physical health and seek professional help should they suffer any form of mental illness.

Here are mental health tips for a wholesome life.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Every adult should get at least seven hours of sound sleep every night. The brain needs to go through the whole sleep spectrum to absorb new information and form new memories.

Adequate sleep is also important for your cognitive functions such as concentration, focus and thinking abilities and not getting enough sleep affects your ability to think objectively and creatively making it hard for you to solve easy problems and situations. Worse still, it affects your ability to make sound judgments, probably the reason you are usually unbearable after staying up all night and your memory fails you often.

Inability to sleep well if often indicative of underlying health issues and over time can lead to more severe mental illnesses like depression. Go seek professional help if you are unable to fall and stay asleep for more than a week.

Work out the Brain

Cognitive decline comes as a result of disuse. Just like your body, the brain needs to be regularly worked out to stay in the best shape.

One of the best ways to work out the brain is reading. Reading stimulates the formation of new neural connections keep your memory intact and your brain healthy. Read about new concepts and things you are passionate about to stay mentally sharp.

You can keep up with Black Smoke Media News, read novels and stimulate the brain through puzzles.

Regular Exercise

Exercise improves the blood to the brain supplying it with the important nutrients like oxygen which it needs to stay healthy.

Exercise also increase the release of endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones, and lowers the production of cortisol. This lowers your stress levels which if left unchecked can lead to serious physical and mental health problems and worsen existing mental health conditions. Endorphins are important in boosting your moods and warding off depression.

Make Friends

Recent studies indicate the loneliness may even be worse for your health than leading a sedentary life. Lacking social support increases your stress levels since you don’t have any one to share your burdens and can also lead to risky behavior which can put both your physical and mental health at risk.

Have a close circle with whom you can share your good and bad moments. Moreover, talking with people engages your brain which keeps it active.

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