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Mentors Are an Invaluable Tool for Entrepreneurs

May 10, 2019

The business world can be an uninviting and cutthroat environment. Entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges in trying to bring their ideas to fruition and developing a competitive product. Many entrepreneurs wander down a path of instant gratification and prioritize finding a business partner over finding a mentor. Research shows that entrepreneurs that have mentors by their side are more likely to find success than those that don’t. Business mentors offer invaluable advice and experience that can’t be read in a book; they’ve been where you are and have an intimate understanding of your struggles. Starting a career in entrepreneurship with a mentor, such as Keith Krach will put you on a path for success. Here are some advantages of working with a mentor.

A Mentor Will Provide Advice You Can’t Learn in a Book

Read all the business books and blogs you want, and you won’t gain the valuable knowledge and insight that comes through experience. Experience is perhaps the most essential asset to the entrepreneur; it provides treasured beta on how to run a business and is crucial for success. Working with a mentor in your field is a great way to gain the inside information you can’t get from scanning the pages of a book or blog.

A Mentor Comes With Networking Opportunities

It is no secret that networking is of extreme importance when trying to start a business. Many of the most successful businesses people got where they are through forging relationships and placing themselves in the right scenarios to make connections. Without any prior connections, networking can be an uphill battle; it can be difficult to get yourself in front of the right people at the right time. A great perk of working with a successful mentor is gaining access to a large network of people. A good mentor can connect you with people who will catapult your career and provide essential resources.

A Mentor Will Provide Needed Encouragement

As an entrepreneur, trials and tribulations are a part of the deal. Entrepreneurs are almost guaranteed to face some failures and kickbacks in their business ventures; however, even though it can be anticipated, failure often impacts productivity and morale. When kickbacks set in, entrepreneurs can face deep discouragement and find it difficult to keep working. When the goings get tough, having a voice of encouragement will prove essential for keeping your head high and continuing to work hard. Mentors have been where you are and faced their own failures; they can provide the much-needed voice of reason for continuing your business mission.

Pursuing an entrepreneurship career is at once incredibly exciting and overwhelming. You are in the driver’s seat; however, being the pilot of your career can be difficult to navigate. In the competitive and complex world of business, having a mentor is an invaluable resource. With a mentor by your side, you will gain the tools and tactics for success you can’t find in the pages of a book. Additionally, mentors provide essential encouragement and networking opportunities that can catapult your career.

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