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Mobile Miscues: How Your Business’ Phone App Can Hurt More Than Help

February 7, 2019

In a mobile world, it is becoming more and more imperative for even the smallest of businesses to develop their own app. While it may not be ideal, a website can simply be a place to list information about your business. An app, however, needs to actually be functional. Just like designing your own website, it has become easier than ever to design your own mobile app. The problem is that if your app isn’t designed well, it can actually do you more harm than good. Here are 3 ways your mobile app can hurt more than help.

Doesn’t Do What Your Customers Need It To

Steve Jobs famously said that customers generally don’t know what they want until they see it. Many people misinterpreted this to mean that Steve Jobs simply didn’t listen to his customers, but nothing could be farther from the truth. He just understood that you have to do some research and read between the lines of what your customers are telling you to figure out what they want. Apps can offer a wide variety of features, make sure that you are offering the ones your customers actually want.

More Trouble Than It Is Worth

You may think most apps are free to use, but if they take too long to load or figure out, then they essentially cost your customers time and effort to use. If the cost of using it is not worth the payoff, not only will they stop using your app, but if apps are how they primarily interact with businesses, they may stop using your business or its services. This is why many companies work together with custom app development services to make sure their application is functional.

It’s No Better Than Your Competitors

It’s easy to look around at what your competitors are doing and offer your customers all the same features that they are. If you really want to get ahead in business, however, one of the best ways to do that is to offer features no one else is offering. If you can figure out what that is and no one else is offering it, you may find your business growing by leaps and bounds.

There is no doubt that a phone app can actually put you ahead of your competitors, but only if it well designed. A non-responsive app or one that doesn’t actually offer features that are legitimately useful to your customers will often be deleted in favor of one that works better and offers the features your customers are looking for.

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