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New Market-New Plan-Developing A Strategy For Global Expansion

July 22, 2015

After you’ve carefully thought through all the benefits and drawbacks of expanding your business internationally, the real job is just getting started. Forget the idea that business is business in every part of the world. Start from the thought that everything is different and approach to it like that. It’s starting from a scratch and that’s why you’ll need a whole new business plan. And for creating a good plan, you’ll need to know all the circumstances, risks and other factors (including the politics of that country) which can influence on your venture’s success or fail. When making a plan for new market, you should keep in mind some strategies and questions.

Does the Market need you?

We already know you need the new market and expansion, but the question is: Is this working vice versa? The products and services you are offering must be desirable in that particular country. So, do your research and find out the demand for products and services and the behavior habits of consumers. Competition is an important factor to have in mind, because the products they are offering might just be enough for that market.

Being Well Informed

Having up-to-date and relevant information is a crucial thing when it comes to entrepreneurship worldwide. We can’t stress enough how important is to be familiar with the regulations, protocols and laws of the country in question. The politics too is a significant factor in some countries and the internal problems might influence otherwise favorable business conditions. Just remember the economic sanctions in Russia.

Who are you up Against?

Knowing your competition is essential for any endeavor to succeed. Your goal, when going global, is to become big, bigger than ordinary, so, naturally, you’ll want to become leader in the market you’re expanding too. That’s why it is crucial for you to research your future competition before even entering the expansion process, and based on your findings, create a strategy that will help you achieve success.

Protecting your Domestic Business

To be brutally realistic, we have to consider this brave undertaking might not be as successful as you expected, and you have to have something to come back too. That’s why it’s important to protect your domestic business out of all possible incomes. One of the best ways of doing that and most common strategy for business expansion is company incorporation. When thinking about fertile countries for investing, such as Canada, Ireland, Singapore company incorporation is definitely a great way of protecting your assets, transferring ownership to another party, lower tax on salaries and raise capital through stock sales.

Locals Know Better

No matter how experienced are you, this new market is entirely foreign to you. So think about hiring local agencies and law and market experts to lead you through this process. After all, they have the in-depth knowledge of market and politics and a significant amount of important contacts in local business world. They can also help you in finding reliable local workers and increase credibility in local community by doing that.

We would say good luck, but luck has nothing to do with this, only good and thoughtful planning will lead your business to international success.

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