New Partnership: Small Business and Cloud Computing

October 31, 2015

The word is out: small businesses have come to terms and made partnership with cloud computing, with mutual benefits. If you are wondering what this is all about, and would like to learn something about it, you have come to the right place. In the following few paragraphs you will find out everything about cloud-based computing, the essence of it and its benefits for the small business sector.

What is The Cloud?

First and foremost, we will explain the basics of cloud computing. It usually refers to the kind of computer services which include data storage in many offsite locations on the Internet, allowing your application software to be operated via the Internet itself. They can be either private or hybrid, and even public (Source: Wikipedia). In a nutshell, this basically means that you use your personally owned computer hardware, and store your company data on the Internet or somewhere in your local area network. If you want to learn more about the cloud, follow this link.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits of using the cloud in your business:

  • Lower costs – Using cloud-based computer services means reducing your overall business costs. This literally means that you will need less computers to store data on and not having to spend more money on their maintenance and new purchases.
  • User-friendliness – The cloud is as simple as it can be for your use. This makes this option a lot more attractive, since it was made to be very intuitive, which means that you will not need to organise big training sessions for your employees, which also means lower costs.
  • Flexibility – When it comes to one of its best features, the throne goes to flexibility. If it happens that your business grows in time, fear not for your data, because its virtual storage can grow along with your business. Isn’t that convenient?
  • Easy maintenance – Since it is an automatic service, there is virtually no maintenance needed, so you will not have to hire and pay an IT technician to provide you with support for it. It updates automatically so you can sit back and relax while it works on its own.

The Cloud + Business = Eternal Romance

As it was mentioned earlier, the benefits of using the cloud are numerous, but when it comes to business things cannot be simpler than this. If you still are not convinced how can the cloud help you grow your small business, think about the last time you have lost your confidential and valuable data when your computer crashed. Luckily for you, you do not have to worry about losing your documents if you have the cloud. In a recent conversation with Brisbane managed services I found out that one of the greatest benefits of cloud-based computing is mobile working, which means that you can access your data from any place on the Earth, turning your ground-based file storage into a functional mobile office. Not only that, but you can easily share your data and information with your colleagues and employees, making teamwork better and strengthening it to the fullest.

The Future of Cloud

What many IT experts predict about the cloud is that it will grow steadily with years. It already has a huge impact on the market as it is, but in the future, it is expected that it will encourage more innovation, opening the doors to numerous competitors giving us better products and providing better service. Forbes recently published an article about the future of the cloud, and as it turns out, the highest expectations are in the technology field: it is expected that it will improve the general quality of technology within two years time. The only thing that is left to say is that we will definitely support its development and accept all the possible ways of innovation.

And finally, in the small business sector, the most important thing is not to survive, but to resist to the growing competition. This you can easily do by accepting the new technologies and improving your business with endless ideas that come out from almost everything you see. Do not hesitate and make that step today: be proactive and step up towards your better future. You will not regret it!

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