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New Position: Owning Up To Your Promotion

April 12, 2016

Getting promoted at work is a great feeling. You get the validation of knowing you’ve been doing a good job, and the excitement of facing new challenges. However, getting a promotion also means more responsibility, and that you’ll have to show you’re up to the job. If you’ve recently been promoted, then you’ll want to make sure you’re owning up to the new levels of responsibility. Here are some tips to help.

Make Sure You Understand the New Role

You may think that your new job requirements are straightforward, but there can be new expectations and priorities. Ask your immediate supervisor or predecessor to explain exactly the key responsibilities of the new role and how you’ll be assessed. Also, ask if there are mission critical things that get highest priority.

Assess Your Weaknesses

You may have been amazing in your previous role, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely ready for new levels of responsibility and new types of work. For example, you might have been great as a sales person, but as a sales manager you’ll need to be able to motivate others and do more detailed analysis of sales pipelines. Be honest about your current skill set and make sure you have a plan to fill skills gaps.

Look the Part

The way you dress says a lot about you. If you’ve been promoted, then it’s important that you look the part. Of course, your clothes should match the dress code of the company, but consider getting a few new shirts or getting your pants altered for a better fit. You should also make sure that your position is obvious to customers and employees by dressing in a similar manner to your new peers. If you wear a name tag or badge at work, then make sure you have it pinned correctly, and displayed in a professional manner.  Some name tags, like those available from Naag Tag name tags, are full-color and customizable.  Having your job title presented alongside your name adds to the company look, and shows your value and assets.

Make a Strong Start

Be proactive about getting started once you know what’s expected of you. You need to take ownership of your new role right away to show you’ve got it covered. Make a plan for yourself and begin moving through the steps as efficiently as possible.

Take a moment to appreciate your accomplishment, but make sure you focus on getting up to speed and succeeding as quickly as possible. The tips here will help you, yet the real key to your success will be your motivation to succeed. Good luck.

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