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New Year, New Skin: 4 Essential Anti-Aging Tips

January 13, 2016

Turning over a new year can mean turning over a new leaf, so why not bring renewal and revitalisation to your skin and your health? Turning back the clock on your skin and your aging can start now, with changes to your skin care routine and lifestyle that promote healthier, fresher, younger looking skin. With these 4 essential tips for skin care anti-aging secrets in the New Year, another year may mean you’re getting a year older, but it doesn’t have to mean you have to look it!

Refresh and Rejuvenate

The New Year is the perfect time to give yourself a moment of relaxation and refreshment, shed off the old and herald in the new – so why not do the same with your skin! With the amazing range of transformative skin renewal options available you can turn over a new look for the New Year, with gorgeous, glowing, refreshed skin. One of the ideal things on your wish list if your goal is anti-aging skin care should be a visit to an advanced and specialised laser skin clinic. Such skin clinics possess the latest in cutting edge skin renewal expertise, using laser technology to gently yet highly effectively renew the skin and reveal younger looking deep layers of skin. These lasers stimulate skin renewal and collagen growth, which fades blemishes, dark spots and fine lines and boosts collagen and plumpness in the skin, for a bright, youthful look.

The New Year is the perfect time to indulge in a special treatment to renew and rejuvenate the skin, and a skin care consultant can even advise you on the best routine to keep up and maintain your younger looking skin in the New Year.

A New Routine

Do you wash, tone and moisturise your skin every day? Does your skin ever feel oily, dry or breakout? Preventing the signs of aging and having healthy skin relies on a good maintenance program that works with the natural characteristics of your skin and helps to maintain beautiful skin from day to day. Choosing the right skin care routine is a critical part of this, and if you notice your skin getting oily, itchy, dry, red, aging more quickly or breaking out in spots, it’s a sign that you may not be using the right skin care for you.

A specialised cosmetologist or dermatologist can analyse your skin type and advice on the best skin care regime for you. Natural skin care is in high demand these days for being gentle on the skin and effective, good for you and the environment. Medical grade skin care is also popular for producing incredible results and being specifically designed and accommodated to your skin type.

Slip, Slop, Slap

The evidence is in and there’s no way of denying that in almost every way excess sun exposure is no good at all for our skin. Of course, there’s always the risk of skin cancer and dark spots caused by the sun, but excess sun exposure can also cause the unwanted aesthetic effects of skin darkening, freckles, dryness and of course premature aging.

The best way to protect yourself is to choose a daily moisturiser that contains SPF 50+ and stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day, generally between 11am-2pm. Why not choose a stylish set of sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun and also give a touch of class in the daytime?

Healthy Body, Healthy Skin

Health shines from the inside out, so one of the best ways to look after your skin is to look after your health. Healthy eating and exercise really help to improve and purify the skin, and give you a glow that only good health can.

For wrinkle free and supple skin, choose foods high in unsaturated fatty acids, such as avocado and nuts, and also a range of foods that are high in Omega-3’s such as oily fish and flax seeds. Plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables also contributes to a beautifully glowing, younger looking complexion.

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