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Newly Diagnosed? Supplies You’ll Need to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

October 1, 2021

When you have diabetes, it can be tough to know what supplies you’ll need. It’s important to take the time and research the best supplies for your needs so that managing your diabetes becomes a little bit easier. In this article, we discuss some of the most commonly used items for type 2 diabetics from syringes and insulin pens to blood sugar monitors and glucose tablets.

Syringes and Insulin Pens

One of the most common items used by type two diabetics is syringes and insulin pens. They work similarly but both can be convenient depending on what kind of lifestyle you live.

Insulin Pens

These are usually prefilled with a set amount of insulin that can last up to three weeks or more, depending on how much insulin you need. They are generally used by type two diabetics that take a set amount of insulin every day to manage their blood sugar levels.


Type two diabetics who use syringes usually do so because they test their blood sugar multiple times throughout the day and require more than one kind of insulin. These may be used for up to three days and then replaced with a new one that contains the same amount of insulin as the old syringe.

Blood Sugar Monitors

A blood sugar monitor is an item that most type two diabetics use on a regular basis. These monitors typically work by pricking your finger with one end of the device and then inserting it into another piece to draw enough blood for testing. The best blood sugar monitors are typically accurate, easy to use, and are compatible with the supplies that you’re already using.

Type two diabetics should check blood sugar levels at least four times a day, including before meals and bedtime. It’s also recommended that people who exercise frequently monitor their glucose levels more often throughout the day because exercising can lead to elevated blood sugar levels.

Glucose Tablets

Another easy-to-use item that many type two diabetics take are glucose tablets. These can be taken if you’re at risk of having severely low blood sugar, which is common for people who have just been diagnosed with diabetes or for those who don’t take their medication as prescribed by their doctor. Glucose tablets work best when you take them before they reach the point of severe hypoglycemia and can often be found at a drugstore or grocery store.

The supplies that type two diabetics need can vary depending on the person and their lifestyle. The most important thing to remember is to take your time researching the best items for you so that managing diabetes becomes a little bit easier. For those who are about to be diagnosed with diabetes, it’s recommended they have these supplies readily available at home or nearby in order to avoid any emergencies.

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