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No Marriage and No Divorce Is Perfect

May 9, 2016

The usual picture… Bride and groom standing at the altar, shining. The girl cannot takeher eyes away of the young man and thinks “this is the most beautiful moment of my life. He is everything I ever wanted: charming, intelligent, sensitive… My dreams come true. I wonder why some people say it’s hard to be married?! They must have made a wrong choice of marriage partner, but I know that the one is standing right next to me!

He thinks – “she is the most wonderful creature that in this world, beautiful, sweet, darling, understands me, supports me, and believes in me. I really do not understand the type of stories that men tellabout how bad their marriage is. Iwould never be able to feel like that. It is different, I will never let her down!” is here for you in your most difficult times when you need to divorce your partner.

People at the wedding see this idyllic picture, knowing that in a few months the first jealous scenes, the first idiotic quarrels will begin, and finally, the first betrayal. It’s easy to fall in love, but difficult to keep love and marriage healthy. Marriage is not a fairytale.

We all want our love vows to last, none of us certainly does not plan to betray the partner, but when it happens, it hurts very badly.

You can feel passion even towards the worst man, but it has nothing to do with living a life together. It’s crazy to expect to be faithful to someone you haven’t seen for 5 months.

You probablyfelt anger towardsyour husband sometimes, which is completely normal for two people who live together. But this should not be a reason to get divorced. These things happen and they are part of the marriage. They need to be tolerated if you want the marriage to succeed. Pissed and angry, lots of women have so many things that they want to tell husband. But instead of a verbal duel, they give them a silent treatment, which is one of the worst things to do when married. Let your husband know that he made a mistake and you will not forgive him until he apologizes asking for forgiveness. If you keep the anger inside of you it will just keep piling up until you ask for a divorce.

Some psychologists and psychiatrists convince you that is surrealto expect intense and strong feelings after a few years of living together. In reality we need to accept that the romance disappears, and with time we become best friends with our partners. Some people think that this is correct, while there are people who still strong feelings for their partners even after 10 years of marriage. It seems quite normal to be afraid to admit the failure of a marriage, because of the fear that you will be left alone after getting divorced.

Are you willing to invest effort to maintain marital happiness or did you decide to divorce your partner?

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