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On Even Footing: The Importance Of Choosing A Good Flooring Option For Your Business

February 28, 2020

Whether you are building or renovating your business, flooring will play a big part in the design. Depending on the type of company you are operating, a safe, durable floor is indispensable for maintaining effective productivity. Here are some typical flooring needs you might have to consider when planning your business structure or overhaul.

Chemicals and Temperature

For labs, workstations, and factory areas where chemical spillage or containment is an issue, you will want to browse specific types of industrial floors, like those offered by Archway Brick and Tile. You’ll want a hardy flooring option that won’t be easily damaged by spills. Temperature extremes, whether natural or artificially induced for production or storage purposes, may also require a certain type of flooring that can support operations or protect against possible problems that could inhibit productivity. Polymer floors or those treated with special coatings can help to protect against various chemicals, and they are generally easy to clean.


The operational environment for each aspect of your business should be considered when selecting new flooring. Areas where moisture could be problematic, such as drain overflow or restroom backup, will need protective flooring that won’t grow mold, shrink, or crack due to damage from water, moisture, or dampness. Tile is often a good choice of flooring in these areas, especially in restrooms where standing water can pose a safety hazard. Tile options come in attractive designs and styles that are useful for areas accessed by the public.


Industrial floors especially need to be solid and stable, as they sometimes hold massively-heavy equipment or support constant traffic throughout the workday. Flooring materials that require minimal maintenance and offer long-term reliability are a good choice for manufacturing or production operations. Chipped or warped floors are not only unsightly but can also prove dangerous in areas like these. Certain types of brick flooring might work well for this purpose.

Public Usage

A business where clients, visitors, and guests come and go frequently will also need attractive floors that will sustain heavy foot traffic over a period of time. Carpet, planks, or tiles that hold up well under constant usage are often selected for reception areas, offices, conference rooms, and showrooms. These floors will need to be made of materials that can be easily kept clean due to public access.

Every area of a business will need suitable flooring for its own unique usage. It would be difficult to find one type of flooring that fits all aspects of your business if the company includes any combination of customer, office, and industrial operations. Consider the individualized needs of each area to choose the flooring that will work best.

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