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Painting VS Wallpapering: The Pros And The Cons

July 22, 2016

To create your interior spaces as per your reflection, your choice of interior designing can make a big difference. Coming to interior decorations, your walls do play a significant role. And when it comes to wall decoration, your options can broadly be categorized into two parts- wallpapers and painting!

What Works For Rooms

Your walls undoubtedly look attractive when you apply either of paints and wallpapers. A room, which is dramatic in nature, can be transformed into an airy cozy space with the help of pale colours. On the other hand, a room, which is big in size, can be transformed into a cozy one with the application of wallpapers, with striking patterns.

Now the question is what you should go for! Both options come with their own sets of pros and cons. One you get the hold about what works best for specific situations, narrowing in on the right option will not be a problem.

Moving on to the different aspects of wall decoration with painting or wallpapers…

#1: Preparation: You might want to know about how long it will take to paint your wall or to apply wallpaper. Consider the following:

  • Wallpaper: While applying wallpaper on a previously decorated wall is really a tiring work and will require huge patience and perfect tools for doing the work properly. Chemicals can be used to strip out previous wallpapers or you can also use stripping tools for it but you have to be careful enough as this can damage your walls too. So for a better result take advice from a home improvement store.
  • Paint: While painting a damaged wall or an imperfect preparation, then first let it dry for a one whole day. Then paint the wall with primer first to cover the darker portions of paints and it will be less tedious task and painting is a less time consuming task than applying wallpapers.
  • The bottom-line: If you need to make things tad fast, painting seems to be your solution.

#2: Selection and Durability: Paints come in various finishing, featuring glosses of various sheens. In case of wallpapers; they can be had in vinyl surfaces with finished variations and durability. And it will effect on the lifestyle of your family. And when it comes to durability, both of them seem to have some advantages to offer. For example:

  • Wallpaper: These very hardy and durable and will also protect itself from children’s tear and wear or scrubbers of various types. But on the flipside, as wallpapers are applied with the help of adhesive, a risk of peel off from the walls of kitchens and high moisture bathrooms are there.
  • Paints: In case of finish paints or sheen paints for all those areas having inexpensive application you can opt for this option. Finishes with weather durability are best for exterior doors, trims etc. And for interior walls flat sheens, satin and eggshell can be used.

#3: Expenses: Usually applying wallpapers can be bit expensive as you have to buy wallpaper rolls and other ingredients that have to be installed while on the other hand painting is cheaper and also requires less ingredients and can be applied easily also. For your own knowledge just know it that wallpapers can also be installed by yourself also and it will cost cheaper for you. But in case of paints faux and higher finishes and textured paints can be expensive for you as it should be applied professionally. But the good news it, there are a number of Painting and Decorating Chelsea companies who can provide you with excellent services for competitive price.

A Combination Of Both: Versatility of adding customizable paints and texture to the wall is mostly wanted by the people. Wallpapers with paintings on it usually have adhesive and comes in a rolled manner. After applying it you can just let it stay bare or else you can paint also. And the best option for decorating your wall is the painted wallpapers.

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